Just back-- HRH is great!!


Dec 3, 1999
We just got back from Florida. Stayed at HRH last week- only 1 night though. We were supposed to stay 3 nights but the kids got sick! We booked using the entertainment rate of $117. for a gardenview (cheapest view). I showed them my Loews first Christmas card and they upgraded us to a deluxe queen, pool view room! We also got our complimentary milk and cookies! Let me say I thought this hotel was great- our room was beautiful and a BARGAIN for what we got. We had just left 5 nights at the WL and while I loved it there the room wasn't nearly as nice as what we had at the HRH. Also we thought the service was wonderful. When they found out about us being sick they couldn't have been nicer. My husband and son swam for a few hours and the pool is AWESOME.
Sorry- I accidentally hit enter before I was ready. Anyway let me tell you about the room and hotel in general from the little time we were there. The room was spacious with a wonderful view of the pool. The pool is beautiful with extensive landscaping, fountains, etc. There were 2 queen beds with comfy duvet covers, extra pillows, a dinette type table with 4 chairs, a small pull-out sofa. T.V. with nintendo(wasn't hooked up yet), CD player. Mini bar, coffee maker, iron and ironing board, hair dryer. Bathroom had small sink and then there was a larger sink outside of the bathroom with a make-up mirror. There was also a nice dressing area with bench next to the closet. I also noticed that there was a guest laudry--something that I had read wasn't at the PBH. Again we thought the service was very good. They gave the kids these cute little gift bags when we checked in that had little blow-up guitars, tattoos, and sunglasses-too cute! My husband was blown away for the quality of the room for the price we paid. I don't think he is going to make fun of my trip planning anymore. I have to thank all of you and this board because I learned all of it from you! I will try to answer questiions if I can.
Thanks for all of the details!! So sorry to hear that you had to cut your vacation short! If you don't mind my curiousity, what did your kids get to make you leave early? And you say that the hotel was understanding - that's wonderful!

We stayed at the Portofino before staying for 5 nights at the Dolfin (first on-site Disney stay). There was just no comparison between the rooms - the PBH's room was so much nicer!! (The rack rate of our room at the Dolphin was $425.00! We only paid $119)

We visited the WL on the way to Hoop dee doo Revue. The front, lobby & pool areas were very impressive.

Can't wait to see the HRH for myself!! :D
I'm so sorry you had to shorten your trip and I sure hope everyone's feel better. I have a few questions about the hotel if you don't mind:

Did you use valet parking?

What time did you arrive and check in to the room? I understand check in is at 3:00pm, but will they let you check in a little earlier?

Did you use the Loews First check in line?

Was there a separate tub and shower in the bathroom?

Were the floors carpeted or hardwood?

(Hoop Dee Doo questions: Did you enjoy the food? How about the show? I have an 8 year old and a 2 year old. Do you think they would both enjoy it?)



Thanks for share the information ! I´m planing to stay next november at HRH during my honeymoon, for 4 nights, your information will help me to better plan our vacation !

Hi everyone, sorry it took so long to get back to your questions, we haven't even unpacked yet and everyone is still sick! We all caught some kind of respiratory virus while at Disney and while the rest of us felt bad, it made my 9yr old DD who has asthma truly sick. When we left HRH we drove to my brother's place in Tampa, took her to the ER and she was admitted with pneumonia! She is on the mend but definitely very upset to be cheated out of her vacation. Now let's see if I can answer your questions. The room as well as the hotel is decorated in a very tasteful retro 50's style- it was very pretty. The floors were carpeted in pretty soft green and blue tones to match the decor. The bathroom had nice slate looking tile and had standard tub/ shower combo. As far as check-in we checked in at 11am with no problem at all but I'm sure that that will depend on availability when you visit. I think there were quite a few empty rooms when we were there (Feb 1). I did not see a separe check in area for Loews first members- if they had one it wasn't obvious. But they were very good about giving us the upgrade and asked what we wanted for our snack and when would we like it delivered. We chose the milk and cookies and they were delivered early evening just as we had requested. I think people are a little unfair to compare everywhere they stay to Disney, it's a totally different atmosphere but we will definitely return. The only drawback I saw is the lack of inexpensive dining, but we had planned to spend most of our time at the park and weren't going to be eating at the hotel. I think we could make a vacation out of just swimming in that pool it was great. The slide is 240ft long - it looks like something from a water park! There were 2 hot tubs, sand and zero depth entry. My husband also checked out the exercise facility while we were there and said it was good. Also has sauna and steam room. Hope this helps and happy planning.
Hi Great review. I am interested in staying at the HRH for a few days in Aug. I will be traveling with 2 teens and Hubby. He loves rocknroll, I would like to know what phone # you called for ressies and since I am sure we will be getting a late flight out are there facilities for getting a shower before leaving for the airport? We have been able to get a fast shower at the BC Spa before I was hoping if we stayed at the HRH on our way home for a few days we would be able to hit the parks for a few hours then head home but in Aug. its always so hot and then with the threat of showers every afternoon we will need a shower before we get on the plane. Sounds like you had a good time except for illness which is a big shame. Hope the kids are feeling better. Now you'll just have to go back and do the things you missed. Thanks for the info.

Hi Disneydenise, I'm sorry but I couldn't locate the # I called, someone else may have it , it is the universal #. I just asked if they had the entertainment rate and they did. About the shower, I'm sure there was one near the gym, DH used it and said they even had shaving supplies. You could probably just use that. I don't know if there is one at the pool or not.
The number I used was 1-800-232-7827 for reservations to both hotels. Got very friendly receptionists both times. Good luck! If you want a package, the number is 1-800-711-0080.

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