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    Oct 13, 1999
    We just returned home from a 5-night stay in a THV following 1 night at the Renaissance Orlando at Seaworld and a 2-night stay at the Ritz in Sarasota. We are a family of 4 with two daughters, age 19 and 16.

    The THV was AWESOME! It was so peaceful. As a an owner, I felt an indescrible sense of pride in ownership. For the first time using points at DVC, I felt like an owner of a vacation home. We really enjoyed using the High Rock Springs pool (crowded), the Grandstand pool (not so crowded) and the THV pool (just us.)

    Our location in Villa 7029 was great. At first, I was concerned about the location being too close to the bus stop, but it was perfect: smack dab between the bus stop, the boat dock, the pool and the path to Saratoga. We could barely hear the buses (we had to be listening for them.) The views were of trees with a glimpse of the boats going down the river.

    Our biggest regret was spending too much time in the parks (and we visited the parks only one day with another day for Universal and another day for Discovery Cove which was wonderful even though it was the rainiest day of our vacation.) We walked to Saratoga, took the buses on the day we visited the parks and the boat to Downtown Disney. All were fine even at 1:15 am (the bus issue is not as much of a problem as people have feared.)

    Now for the bad: the parking. The first few days it was fine. Then a large family with multiple vehicles moved in nearby. The walk from a spot further away wasn't bad, but I much preferred being able to park right out front. I would suggest assigned parking with one vehicle per unit. Probably the only other negative was that the rooms can get a little dark (we had one bulb out in the kitchen which was never replaced despite a request to do so on our first night.) The A/C was a concern before we left but it was fine.

    Overall, we enjoyed our stay at WDW. However, the decline in customer service was noticeable and the food everywhere was just plain awful and woefully overpriced (except V & A which was worth every penny.) Early entry at the Studios had only two attractions open and others did not open until well past the park's official opening time. The Wishes Dessert party was great (though not as private as the original Dessert experience at Disneyland for Fantasmic.)

    One final note. We attended both Welcome Home Wednesday and the Vacation as You Wish presentations. Welcome Home Wednesday was fun. For the Vacation as You Wish presentation yesterday at 3pm, we told the organizers we had only two hours because we had to catch an 8pm flight. They told us to go with an earlier group for the tour portion. The sales presentation ran over and we skipped most of the Dance Party to go with an earlier group. Because we had told them we had to leave early, they had us meet with a guide first who took us into a studio "to sell us" on BLT before we had even seen it. He talked a lot about "the numbers"--a much different approach than Disney has taken previously. I told him that while we had some interest in BLT, it did not appeal to us enough at this time to make a commitment and we would probably just be saving our money for Hawaii. He then said, "Well, do you know why they brought you to me, then?" Rude, rude, rude! We then quickly looked at the rooms, including the Grand Villa and the Members' Lounge, and left 2 hours and 20 minutes after we started. Very disappointed in this experience.

    If anyone has any questions, let me know.

    P.S. Paridiso 37 was fun, reasonably good and fairly priced with a great singer throughout the dinner. Wait staff was much friendler than we experienced anywhere else in Disney except V & A.
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    Thanks for a great report. I would love to stay at THV sometime, for a nice relaxing getaway.

    I hope your experience with the DVC Sales guide is not a new norm. I've always appreciated the fact that DVC sales guides didn't use high pressure.
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    Sep 13, 2006
    Thanks for posting! We want to try THV next August, and are hoping to snag one at 7 months!


    May 28, 2002
    :thumbsup2Thanks for the Report!!

    Really looking forward to our stay at THV in December! I feel the same way! It is like having your own little home on Disney Property!:goodvibes

    It is a little upsetting to hear about the parking. They really should assign 1 spot per unit and everyone else park at SSR. Not optimal, but when we stayed in Williamsburg, it was exactly this way. My brother parked in the overflow lot as each villa had an assigned spot. It was well explained upon entry and strictly enforced. Not to mention the mean-mug you got from your neighbor if you took their spot. I hope they work this out. Each villa deserves 1 designated spot. We will have a large group also but I will ensure they dont park at THV.

    I agree with you on the food. How bad can it get? We were there last month and some places were downright inedible. If I cant get a decent burger, no way Im spending $150 on a TS meal. The quality is just not there anymore. I did call member satisfaction team and reported my experience. It was just that bad. I had 3 boys and they complained at almost every meal.

    We are pretty unscheduled for our December trip. Looking forward to hanging out at THV for 2 weeks!:santa:
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    I think one reason they may not have labeled the spaces is because housekeeping & maintenance needs access to those spaces at times. In June our THV was part of a group of 4 and there were 4 parking spaces adjacent. We had a maintenance problem with one TV which lead to a service van being parked in our spaces for a few hours. I also saw occasional cleaning carts parked near other villas on cleaning days.

    With unlabeled spaces, it stands to reason that at least one of the four villa guests will either not have a vehicle or be at the parks most of the day. If the spaces are labeled, which space should maintenance/housekeeping take and how does the owner of that villa respond?
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    Aug 20, 1999
    Please, please write a letter, send an email to let Member Services know about specific DVC concerns and write Disney Guest communications about park and food issues.

    Unless we all take a proactive step in complaining about these changes, things are going to continue to get worse.

    Anyone that thinks Disney and DVC has not changed for the worse, is simply one in denial, have had one two many margaritas while there, or simply has never been before the decline to realize how much it has changed.

    It is very sad.
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    Oct 19, 2006
    Nice TP! Thanks
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    Jul 16, 2006
    Parking at THV is only one car per unit, which is to be parked in front of the unit. Any additional cars associated with that unit are supposed to park over at SSR. If this happens to you, you should definitely say something at the front desk about it.
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    Aug 8, 2006
    We'll be at a THV in Sept. and will probably have one rental car. I'm very interested to see how the parking is and if we'll have a problem. I simply cannot wait for this relaxing vacation. Whoop! :goodvibes
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    No, don't contact member services....Instead, contact the DVC member satisfaction team.

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