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Nov 20, 2001
I have had a cold for the last week and yesterday stared feeling pressure in my ear. Went to see the doc(she told me that it looks like my eardrum is ready to burst) and got some stuff to get rid of it. The question I have is 1. has anyone ever flown with this problem and what did you do to prevent the discomfort?(doc told me to chew alot of gum) and 2. would swimming in the pools on the ship and in the ocean cause any more problems? I forgot to ask her about the last one and she is not in the office.

Kind of a silly question but only a week to go!

My DS has re-occuring ear problems. We were told to have him chew gum, drink out of a straw on the flight and take sudafed before flying (1 hour before) this is supposed to help I guess. We were also told to use ear plugs in the water. We have found the Silly-Putty (I'm not kidding) works great. We were having a terrible time keeping the molded ear plugs in and a neighbor told us the Silly Putty trick and it WORKS!!! I would talk to my DR about the sudafed though, maybe she can reccomend another decongestent for you , although the Sudafed is non-drowsey so it is probably the best one to use. Happy Vacation!!!:D
I can't answer the first, as I am not a flyer. For the second, if you are only experiencing discomfort I would recommend that moldable wax. (you can find it with the swimmers ear stuff) It looks like plastic and you just form it to your ear and it keeps all the water out. I used this when I was a swimmer and our coach made us still swim with swimmer's ear.

Hope you feel better!:)
I have ear problems when I fly and I'll usually take Sudafed or Afrin and wear Ear Planes - if you get them in right they work perfectly.

Never heard of using Silly Putty, that's interesting. :)
I'm with Amzey, take Sudafed and use Ear Planes. I've also been given a prescription for Flonase when I had stuffed ears before flying. All of them helped. :)
What are Ear Planes? The doctor was right, just after supper I felt liquid coming out of my ear. She was right though, the pressure is gone and it did not hurt. I'm not a wuss by any means but I have had swimmers ear which is rather painful. I was expecting that type of pain when it blew. Just have to talk to the doc about swimming. I hope she says I can.

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Those things I described earlier really do keep the water out. Or you can try the silly putty. I never would of thought of that!:D
Thanks Michelle. My DD would love to see me with the colored Silly Putty in my ears. A nice tropical color would be great for CC day.

I vote for the medication too. Any kind of decongestant. The first time I flew, I had incredible pain in my ears - couldn't get them to pop at all. When we landed, I could barely hear - sounded like I was under water & my ears kept squeaking (which I learned was the air pressure actually releasing). I ended up with an ear infection after the trip (also lots of dizziness problems).

Anyway, I now never fly without a decongestant. It opens up the ear canals enough to allow you to keep the pressure balanced. I've never had any luck with chewing gum. I have to hold my nose, blow & swallow at the same time to get my ears to pop. It's a pain (& takes some skill to master :) but it works.

I also give my kids decongestant before they fly too to prevent any problems.
Many years ago I flew on a plane and experienced terrible ear pain. Now...I always take a decongestant and use ear planes when I fly. I recommend both.

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If you have a week before you go and if you are on antibiotics for an ear infection, I'd think it would be all cleared up by then. When my children got ear infections, they cleared up very quickly once medication was started.

Hope it goes well!
Thanks for all the advice. I am on antibiotics as well as a decongestant and nasonex. I think I may get some of the Vix inhalers mention in another thread. I have never had problems when flying but would not want to take a chance with my DD or my current ailment. I do agree with my3kids that I should be fine by Wednesday but will take along a quick fix if needed.

On a humerous side note, my DM called this morning and asked how my ears were. My dad had seen my post on here and told her. Unfortunately I found out that she has the same problem I do! She is visiting an EN&T doc tomorrow as she wants to kick this thing before we leave. I'm glad I didn't say anything bad about them LOL.



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