JUST BACK from President's week vac


Earning My Ears
Dec 30, 2000
At Magic Kingdom, during the Electric Parade you can walk right onto the rides that ususally have a long wait.

Go early, when parks open. My husband and son rode TOT twice immediately. Meanwhile, I had gone over to RR, got fast passes and they got to ride that twice that day. We were finished with MGM by 1 and went to Typhoon lagoon that day.

Smartly used, fast pass is great.

Only waited 25 min to ride test track in single line while other line was 90 min wait.

Found the most wonderful place in MK park to watch fire works - in Torrowland at the arcade, right outside of the door near the truck driver video game. There's even a bench or two and it seemed like the fire works were just for us - no kidden. AND, only about 5 other people standing there after they saw us.
I got replys on one of the other boards as to the crowds not being that bad during President's week, what did you think? :)
The crowds didn't bother us at all. We just used the strategies I learned here on these boards and the trip was wonderful!

Got on EVERYTHING we wanted to, some twice!
I wore my old broken-in nikes and my feet felt great, but I heard people complaining about their feet hurting and they had brand new sneakers on.
I say - wear your broken-ins and save the new for another time.

Presidents Week was fine by me, but MK was slammed esp by midday. The best advice I could give is to get your Park Hopper and USE IT! As soon as you can sense that the park you are in is filling up, LEAVE!!! And if you use all days on your Hopper, by your last day at WDW you will have it all figured out just in time to go home, alas!


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