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Sep 8, 2000
We checked in on Sun. 22nd at 9:30am and our room was ready! We got a non-smoking Boardwalk view like we asked for. It overlooked the Entrance to the Big River Grill (2nd floor). Noise was not a problem we closed the door and it magically disappeared. We received our "Welcome Home" and "Happy Anniversary". We had a wonderful time and spotted some celebrities. Took the unDISCOVERed Future World Tour with Sara our guide and her helper Gayle from Trinidad and Tobago. See was a HOOT! Loved both of them! Weather was chilly on Thursday and Friday, but it didn't stop us any. Can't wait to go "HOME" next year! If anyone is going it the next few weeks stop by the Big River Grill and if you see Heather the Manager or Stephanie the Hostess/Waitress or Kandyce a waitress, tell the Hi from their "Balcony Friends" from NJ.:wave: :earsboy: :earsgirl:
Wow! Checking in at 9:30 AM, getting the view you want, and everything else being so great! Sounds like the perfect trip!

BTW, what celebrities did you see?
Sounds like a great room, what size was it? Also what was the room number. It always helps for future reservations. We are going to book a two bedroom and want to get a front Boardwalk view, so I am collecting room numbers to try to request what I would like? ANy help??
We head down in a couple weeks...it's good to hear you were able to check in when you arrived. We also we'll be getting there around 9:30a. What was the construction like? Do they have much blocked off at the Boardwalk??? :wave:
MaryAnnDVC: I saw Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos (sp) and their son in a gift shop in the Polynesian. Also saw Drew Carey with some of his friends at the American Adventure Pavillion in Epcot.
SHELL: We had a studio #2013 it was a lockoff off a 1 bedroom.
isnkr: The only thing we saw construction wise was that they were refurbishing the outside of the INN side, along the Green over Flying Fish Cafe and over by SPOODLES at the time there was no outside dining because of it. I believe there was some work going on on the other side of the INN too. That was all that was going on at the Boardwalk. I believe they said they will be starting refurbishing starting down by Jellyrolls in the next couple of weeks. There is other construction going on all over the Disney Properties including all the parks.

Hope this helps all of you. Any more questions out there? I be glad to answer them to the best of my ability.
Wow, it sounds like you had an awesome time.
I'm so glad you got a 'Happy Anniversary'. :D
Can't wait til our anniversary trip in late June!
NJMouse, Kelly Ripa mentioned today on Regis and Kelly that she had been in WDW. Kewl! :bounce:
We did not say anything to them (I think it is rude when they are on vacation) and besides I met Mark about 6 yrs ago before he was married to Kelly. He is soooo nice! I figured it was a quiet time for them and there son. My hubby didn't realize it was her and pointed and whispered to me "She is going to pop!" She was standing next to me at the time looking at the same items I was. Believe me she is really really pregnant! LOL. If we didn't know better I would think she would be having twins.:jester:
Glad a fellow NJDVCer had a great vacation. I have never ran into any celebs while at WDW. I am looking forward to a great stay in July at our DVC at BWV too!
this nj DVCer was there at the same time you were 4/20 till 4/27. we had an awesome time. we saw kelly also but on the main street in MGM. very pregnant. we were very lucky too with our room being ready. not at 9:30 a.m. but at 2:00 which i considered to be pretty good. can't wait to go back next year. we were in room 2001. just down the hall from you. we were right over the dvc sales office.
teddy: did you notice the smoke on Wed it was bad for a few hours. Seem to dissappear quickly tho. We were planning to go swimming that morning but I couldn't breath so we did laundry instead. LOL.
Hi, guys.

We were at OKW from the 22nd to the 27th.

I think I saw on the news that the fires on Wednesday were over in Groveland. Not "too" far away...

Was that a GREAT week, or what?!? The weather was PERFECT!!

Our room was <i>also</i> ready when we arrived - 12:30. And we got the building we requested - a first time, for that one!

We did Hidden Treasures around World Showcase on Thursday morning. We thought we would FREEZE around that lagoon!

We saw Michael Eisner and Sidney Poitier while we were there. I wish we could have seen Drew Carey - that would have been so cool!

I hope to go the same week next year - see you there!

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