Just back from BWV


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Mar 19, 2001
This was one of the best trips I have taken. Everything was perfect. The room and its view were super. Food was great. Service was great. Weather was great. Crowds were great. Airline was great. Rides were great. Decorations were great.

Other vacationers were grouchy. Snotty and snippy. That was difficult for me to deal with. Thank goodness the cast members were happy.
Wow, sounds like a great trip! Can't wait for mine in only 24 days!

Sorry to hear about grouchy guests....geez...if you can't be happy at Disney, that's pretty sad!
Maybe everyone was suffering from holiday overload! Hope everyone's demeanor improves by the end of January!:)
Was there still construction going on at the Boardwalk? We were there in January 2000 and scaffolding was all over the place. We're going back in 28 days (it's nearly been a year!) and I heard there was still scaffolding up!


They had scaffolding around the quiet pool rooms when we were there at the beginning of the month. I think they still have to do the standard view rooms, they look like they needed painting on the outside. They took the awnings down.

A1A1, where was your room?
This was one of the best trips I have taken.

Now that is what I like to hear! More power to you for having a great time and not sinking to the level of the grouchy, snotty and snippy!

Ahhh... good old Boardwalk. Glad to hear you had a great time. The scaffolding is all down on the Boardwalk side at least (we were there two weeks ago). That really improves the atmosphere!!
Thanks for the replies all. There was scaffolding on the quiet pool and tennis court sides of BWV for sure. I don't remember if it was at Luna side as well. I rode the boat to MGM and was surprised to see all of that scaffolding.

Our room was in the courtyard area of the boardwalk. It was great.

I was really affected by some of the nasty people. It stuck with me a few days. But the vacation was still great! The decorations at BWV were beautiful, and the entertainment on the bw was much better and varied than I remembered from previous trips.
I have never stayed at the Boardwalk Villas, just the Inn. I booked a 1 bedroom..any hints on views or location? I would appreciate it.
Hi Mommy. Well if your vacation is scheduled soon, I would say request not to be near the quiet pool or the tennis courts, because the scaffolding is up, and looks bad. It impacts the view from these rooms, I think.

I have always had a boardwalk view, and have loved it. You will be able to see the Epcot fireworks. The only down side of the boardwalk view may be the noise. My daughter has always been disturbed by the boat horns in the morning and the games and the noise from partiers leaving the Dance Hall on weekends. They used to have a dj on the boardwalk on weekend nights until about midnight, and this was also loud, but I don't think it was there this past trip. The view from luna pool is probably also good, but I've never had this before. If you are going in the summertime, the upper floors seem to get a lot of birds on the balconies, and therefore, bird poop. Some days it was so bad we couldn't step out onto the balcony. I think it is probably the same that in the inn side that some of the rooms are especially far from the elevator. The boardwalk view rooms are among these.

You will love the one bedroom unit at the villas. The washer and dryer alone is worth it. Jacuzzi tub, fully stocked kitchen are all great. Are you a DVC member?
I will be there January 10, we are going after a cruise. I have stayed at the In the past 5 trips down there and have had the boardwalk view. You are right about the birds. We also had a room overlooking the quiet pool one year that was wondeful. I am not a DVC member, but decided to try for the one bedroom and got a really good price. I hjave just always been confused about the actual location of the Villas. Hopefully they will be able to accomodate us in a decent area. I remember our walk when we had the quiet pool room was miles from the elevator, but so peaceful that we didn't care. Maybe I shoud have tried for a suite at the Inn. Hope I didn;t make a mistake. We leave this saturday the 5th for our cruise so my clock is ticking. Thanks for your help.
We stayed for the first time in a 1br for 8 nights and had a view of the luna park pool. The size of the room and the washer/dryer were the BEST! We have 2 children and did laundry every morning. We had requested the quiet pool view (booked thru CR and are not dvc members, but got a good price, $219/nt) but am glad that we got this view. I think the rooms with all the scaffolding are closed. We walked by on our way to MGM and they were HAMMERING but otherwise we wouldn't have known they were rehabbing the place. Our room was SILENT once you shut the doors. Overall, we were so in love with our room. Mousekeeping made the kids a person out of washcloths the first night. I wanted to get info on DVC while we were there, but I understand it takes a couple of hours and our kids are 2 and 4, so it didn't happen... maybe someday!
I was sick the first day and didn't leave the room for 24 hours. I didn't even realize that I had been in the room that long since it is so BIG! And we've stayed almost everywhere at WDW, incl GF twice.
For advice, we drove and brought two big storage boxes in our van full of food (esp since son has severe food allergies) and it came in handy! We didn't leave once we got there. Vacation time is too valuable to grocery shop. Ramen, macaroni, and other snacks really were great, and a 30-pack of juice boxes from Costco (plus parmalat milk for dd and soy milk juice boxes for ds, LOTS of them).
How on earth did you get a rate of $219/night? We're going the 2nd week of January when most of the resorts/parks are dead, & are still paying $385 a night for 1-bdr! I have called several times with various discounts & no go.

Is the scaffolding/construction near the elevators? I was thinking of asking for a room near the elevators.

Thanks for the info amyhwang, I guess we will take our chances and hope for the best when we get there. I do love the Boardwalk and coming off a cruise it will be great tp get the laundry done before I get home. My 2 daughters are 18 and 19 so they love being able to walk over to epcot every night. Needless to say the sleeping accomodations will be perfect too. I am sure we will all have a little privacy. I must admit I paid a bit more $250 a night for the Winter Getaway through CR , but I guess that is the rate for 2002. I am not unhappy with the price just a bit anxious about the whole trip. Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours.
I wanted to get info on DVC while we were there, but I understand it takes a couple of hours and our kids are 2 and 4, so it didn't happen... maybe someday!

If you make your way back to Disney soon be sure to go ahead with the DVC presentation. We went in November with our 5 year old. We went to the BWV sales center. They have a supervised play room for children to play in while parents are reviewing DVC. You would be just around the corner and could check on you little ones any time. Our DS wasn't ready to leave when we were. Our guide had to bribe him with cotton candy to coax him out of the room!!!.....all part of the Disney Magic...


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