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    My trip report would be too short/boring on the TRIP REPORTS forum-thus I'm here.
    So if you want to travel with a non-believer and do some Disney too it can be done!!!
    My anti-Disney husband and I spent 5 nts/4 full days in FL. celebrating our 25th anniversary. Everything was planned by me:upsidedow.
    The big draw for H was the Eat to the Beat concert series: BigBadVooDooDaddy at the F&W Festival.
    Knowing that H would hate staying on property, I researched and decided on the Hilton Grand vacation Club on International Drive. Very nice, would go back again!

    Our first day we did shopping at the Premium Outlet, walked the grounds and watched the WI Badgers at the pool bar, then off to CityWalk for BlueManGroup!
    Afterwards, dinner at Margaritiville. Great first day.

    2nd DAY- 10:30 Gospel Brunch at House of Blues. This was H's 1st time and he loved it. Had peel and eat shrimp to his hearts desire and loved the show too!!
    Then off to F&W. I had old PH passes and finally was using them up. We started at Mexico and timed it perfectly for the 1st set of BBVD at 5:30. We did a little back and forth doing the China acrobat show and Maelstrom and getting Ocktoberfest beer at Germany. Heard set#2 from the band and after called it a day.:)

    3rd DAY- slept in, drove to Panera for breakfast back in the room. Headed to the pool and sat in the sun for an hour and took a quick splash before getting ready for another F&W day. This afternoon we started in Canada. We saw the show ( H never saw newer Martin Short version) saw the British Revolution ( really liked them) and did some food sampling before heading to set #1/2 of BBVD again. We had adr's for Via Napoli at 8:30 but showed up early and was seated at 8:05 so were out of there in time for Illuminations and the fireworks!! Perfect day!!

    Last day- I read about the Peabody Duck walk and had to see that. Everyday at 11:00 so off we went. Breakfast at Denny's and arrived at the Peabody at 10:40 with time to park and get to the lobby for the walk.. It was adorable and quirky but I wouldn't drive all the way here unless I was as close as we were. Afterwards, back to an afternoon of pooltime and relaxation before a 7:30 adr at Raglan Road. RR was everything I knew it would be. Great food, loud, bustling, entertaining. It was a wonderful end to our short vacation!!

    I didn't include all the smaller, quick things we saw and did but, just wanted to share that you can get your Disney fix with your significan other with a bit of planning to insure they have a good time too!!

    NEXT time for me though: On property, at least 8 nights and traveling with sis or daughter, maybe both!!!pixiedust:

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