Just back 2/8 - transportation comments


DIS Veteran
Aug 23, 2000
Trip 020202-020802
Hotel: Wilderness Lodge

1. We used Tiffany for the first time and definitely will again, very efficient way to get to and from the airport. Drivers were very nice.

2. We have always had a great time riding the boats and buses and this time was just as good. There was someone at the bus stop each morning to ask where everyone was going.

3. It is very easy to reach another resort before 7:00. Go to a park or the TTC and catch the resort bus. After 7:00 you must go to Epcot or DD to catch another bus.

4. To get to Epcot resorts we would ride the Boardwalk or BC/YC/Swan bus whichever came first. Once we were at one of the hotels we could easily walk or ride the boat to another hotel at Epcot. Unfortunately, leaving an Epcot hotel after 4:00 for another resort is harder - That's one reason that we always plan to do Epcot on that day so that we can enter from the International Gateway and then exit through Future World to the buses.

5. Hoop de doo - Too many people think that Hoop de doo is at Wilderness Lodge not Fort Wilderness. We saw one family nearly in tears trying to make their show time riding a bus to the wrong Wilderness. Yes, you can get to FW from WL but you add an additional bus or boat ride, the TTC or boat from MK are the best ways to get there. Getting back to your resort will almost always mean changing buses at DD, Epcot, or TTC.

6. Monorail hitch - Our last morning we decided to have breakfast at the Poly, ride the monorail to GF and MK and then ride the boat back to WL. Everything went smoothly at first - rode the AK bus to Poly (many of the WL buses stop at Poly and GF before heading to the parks), ate Tonga Toast at Kona, got on the monorail to GF where we got off to check out the stores.... this is where things got crazy, while at the GF, the monorail shut down for technical problems - this sent everyone to the boat dock to catch the boats, there was a mob on the boat dock so we had to wait for the 3rd boat to get to MK where we just missed the next boat to WL - time is ticking awayand we need to get back and check out! We spoke to the guy who was directing boats and he changed the route of the next boat to take a bunch of us stranded WL folks back. It would have been a simple trip with the monorail working but without .... I really was impressed with the CM response to moving people from the MK resorts with the monorail down.

7. There is now only 1 boat on the World Showcase lake - it runs from the lefthand dock to Germany. Allow extra time if you like to ride the boats there. Also we asked what time the drawbridge goes up near Norway, we were told 4:00, of course it went up at 3:30 just when we got there - it only took 10 minutes but we couldn't believe our bad timing.


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