Jurassic Park


Earning My Ears
Mar 22, 2001
I am a huge fan of Jurassic Park, and I was wondering how accurate Jurassic Park at Islands of Adventure is to portraying the movie. The idea of a Jurassic Park theme park is great, and I don't want to be disappointed! :mad: ;)
I've seen the movie several times and think Universal did an excellent job with the theming. You really do feel like you are in the movie. JPholic is probably the member on this board that is the biggest fan of the movies, I'm sure he'll have more input.


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LOL thanks Jim!

IMHO I think Uni did an outstanding job re-creating the Jurassic Park feel. Walking towards the island you see the giant arch with flames beckoning you further while the theme to JP swells around you. It's just that good! My favorite part is definitely the Camp Jurassic area, kids or not you have to explore this play area it is a ton of fun. JP:RA is a really neat attraction that as time travels onward becomes better and better(technically), this is a must for any JP fan. Um, next is the food, check out the Thunder Terrace Falls restaurant. It has a great view of the splash down from JP:RA. I tell everyone this, try a Triple Threat of Extinction slushie type drink, you can buy them at the Watering Hole. Really great on a hot day. Oh, and one last thing get lost in te Discovery Center(visitors center from movie) there is a ton of stuff you can do, the food is good, and it's air conditioned! Have Fun! 8 days til I am Uni bound! :D :D :D

Don't forget to see Triceratops Encounter, where you get to see a live Triceratops! ;) ;)

It is really a neat experience (for most people, some are just bored with it) if you like to see how amazing they can make it look.
I agree with Chris. One of out best memories is our encounter with the triceratops. Her trainer did an excellent job. Between the trainer's performance and the movements of the dino, you were almost convinced it was real. My son was selected to pet the dino, and she sneezed on him! It was hilarious!


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