July 16-July 30, 2005 -2 weeks of reviews-Better late than never

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    2005 July 16-July 30 Review. I know it's almost a year late, but it's better than nothing.

    Saturday 7/16/05
    Breakfast at McDonalds in Georgia near hotel.
    Lunch at Chik Fil A in Orlando
    Dinner- Everything POP-Bagel Chips, Hummus dip, Chicken strip basket, Flatwich Chicken sandwich, meatball sub, shrimp lo Mein & Side fries. With DDE discount $27.13. The Flatwich sandwich was not good. It seemed like everyone else liked what they ordered. DS loved his Shrimp lo mein!!

    Sunday 7/17/05 EPCOT

    San Angel Inn-
    We had lunch at 11:30am and got a table right by the water.
    We ordered 2 Sopa Azteca’s, 2 kids Quesadillas and 2 plato mexicano’s. DH and the kids ordered a Coke and I had water. With the DDE discount and before tip the total was $45.99. Lunch was good here. It’s always so dark here, but I guess that is part of the ambiance. The service was a bit slow.

    Dinner -Germany 6:30pm ADR’s. Got in early and saw the show at 7pm. 3 adult dinners, 1 kids meal dinner & 4 drinks. With DDE Discount and before tip the total was $68.78. Dinner was great here as usual.

    Monday 7/18/05 MGM

    Ate lunch at 11:45am at the ABC commissary. DH got hamburger, kids got kids Fish & Chips and I got an adult Fish & Chips plus 4 drinks. Total 27.31 (no DDE discount). Food was just ok. Not too bad and not great.

    Dinner ADR’s at Mama Melrose. I wasn’t sure what time they were for. I had Pipette noodles with Shrimp, field green salad. DH had chicken pizza and field green salad, The kids both had the kids pasta your way, plus drinks all around. Total after DDE discount and before tip was $45.95. Dinner was great. I love the salad here and the shrimp with noodles is great. DH loved his pizza and the kids loved the pasta.

    Tuesday 7/19/05

    We got two smoothies at Auntie Gravity’s. My favorite is the Cappuccino and the other was Tropical.

    Liberty Tree Tavern ADR at 11:30am.
    We started to walk over to LTT. DH went and got Fast passes for Splash Mountain. The kids have always wanted to ring the bell. We did not get picked. We will try next time as we have LTT booked for another lunch later in our trip. DH ordered the Pilgrims Feast, I ordered the Fresh From the Harbor, DS7 ordered the Kids Mac & Cheese and DD13 ordered the kids Pilgrims Feast. We got sweet Iced Tea’s all around. With our DDE discount (before tip) our total was $39.05. They did charge DD14 for her drink which is fine with us. Our food was very good. We were next to a really nice window and our waitress was really nice and attentive. The bread and honeybutter as usual was great! You have to ask for it.

    Dinner-Chef Mickey’s-

    It was very crowded at Chef Mickey’s. We arrived at Chef Mickey’s at 6:25pm and we finished dinner at little after 8pm. The bill was for 3 adults and 1 child. After our DDE discount, and before tip our total was $79.21. Dinner here was good as usual. Nothing spectacular but definitely decent. Our waiter was slow at coming back with drinks.

    Wednesday 7/20/05

    DD13 got Pepporoni Pizza, DH and I got 2 Hot Deli Sandwiches, 3 side salads, DS7 got Kids meal PB& J sandwich with an orange soda and 2 large cokes. With DDE discount it was $27.62.

    We headed to AKL and checked in. We checked out the animals there were 5 zebra’s and 3 giraffes plus a few other animals. Dinner here was EXCELLENT as usual. This is my favorite place to eat. Since This is where I wanted to eat for my Birthday dinner (my Birthday was on July 14) this is where I picked for us to celebrate. At the end of the meal I got a card signed by the staff and a little Mickey head dessert. It was cute, but we were really stuffed to enjoy it! This is my favorite place to eat and it didn’t disappoint. 3 adult dinners & 1 kid meal dinner after DDE discount and before tip was $73.25.

    Thursday 7/21/05 MK

    Liberty Tree Tavern-
    DS7 got Kids pilgrim’s feast, DD13 got Kids pilgrims feast and clam chowder, DH and I both got Tri corner sandwich and Clam chowder plus drinks all around. With DDE discount and before tip $41.68. The kids loved the pilgrims feast as usual. DH and both thought the sandwich was not worth ordering again. It wasn’t great. The bread and honeybutter as usual was great! You have to ask for it.

    Got Dole Whips – Good as usual (I like them but I don’t think they are as great as everyone makes them out to be).

    Plaza Restaurant

    -Our ADR was at 6:20pm and we waited about 20-30 minutes. - DH had a Reuben, I had a hamburger with onions, cheese & bacon. The kids had kids grilled cheese, plus drinks all around. After DDE discount and before tip the total was 30.11 (can’t beat this for a sit down dinner). Dinner was awesome as usual. We first tried the Plaza last year on our 2004 November vacation.

    Friday 7/22/05 MGM

    Prime Time- 12pm-
    The kids split an adult Chicken meal. DH and I both got the Chicken meal as well. We ordered 4 drinks. With our DDE discount the total after discount but before tip was $40.67.

    Sci Fi Dine in Theatre-
    We had a very late dinner at Sci Fi this evening. My receipt says 22:10 so it was probably 9:00pm when we were seated. I had Catfish, DD had a Chicken Sandwich, DS7 had a Kids cheeseburger. DH had a Hamburger with Bacon and mushrooms. The food was good, but our wait was very long. We were tired this night. After our DDE discount and before tip the total was 43.98.

    Saturday 7/23/05

    Beach Day at Cocoa Beach –
    Lunch at McDonalds

    Dinner- Boma-

    3 Adult Dinners, 1 Kids dinner- with DDE discount and before Tax the total was $73.25. Dinner was awesome as usual.

    Sunday 7/24/05 MGM

    Le Cellier
    I got a Cappuccino Shake ( I love these), a Blue Cheese burger and Cheddar cheese soup, DH got the Sirloin Sandwich and Cheese soup with coke, DD13 had the kids cheeseburger & Coke and DS7 ahd the Kids hot dog and coke. Lunch here was good as usual, but my hamburger was not as good as it was in January 05 when I was here for the Disney Marathon. Maybe it was running the race that made this meal so good! The breadsticks and soup were great as usual and so was the Cappuccino drink.

    Rose & Crown-
    This is our first time eating here so we were excited. I can’t believe we have never eaten here since we have been to WDW almost yearly since 1995. DH had the Guiness Stew, Lamb and Barley soup and coke, I had the Potato Leek Soup, Bangers and Mash and Iced Tea. Both of the kids had the Kids fish and chips. This meal was spectacular. The soup was good (I tried DH’s soup too!) The Bangers and Mash was out of this world. I still think about how good this meal was to this day. I can’t wait ill my trip next month just to have the Bangers and Mash. We are eating here again this trip (we also have plans to eat here twice during our 2006 trip). I highly recommend Rose & Crown.

    Monday 7/25/05 Busch Gardens Tampa-

    The food was very expensive compared to Disney and it was very mediocre!! We ate at Lakirah. We ordered 1 kids hot dog w/ BKT (not sure what BKT is), 1 Chicken alfredo adult meal, 1 adult chicken parmesan & 1 Italian Sausage sandwich. 3 iced teas and 1 soda. The total was $43.68. The food was horrible and it was fast food sitting at tables with no backs.

    Dinner at Cracker Barrel
    on the way home from Busch Gardens- Food was much better than lunch and cost less.

    Tuesday 7/26/05

    We saw the space shuttle launch today and went to the beach.
    We ate lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken at Cocoa Beach. The food was just ok.

    Dinner at Everything POP:
    Cheese Pizza, Chicken Caesar w/ Bread, 2 Dumbo Bars, Flatwich Beef, Shrimp Lo Mein & Side of Fries. Total after 20% DDE card = $26.31 (originally 30.25 before discount).

    Wednesday 7/27/05

    Lunch at Pizzafari.

    We ordered 3 Hot Italian Deli Sandwiches, 3 side salads, kids PB& J, 2 large bottled waters, 1 large coke. With DDE discount the total was $29.72. (saved $7.02)

    Whispering Canyon Café at Wilderness Lodge.
    We ended up getting a table in the very back of the restaurant. This really takes away from the fun of the restaurant. We couldn’t see anything that was going on. We will definitely make sure to ask NOT to be put there this year. The food was great and we had a ball. We all had hats that our waiter made for us. I asked for more tea and got a tiny cup to drink out of. DD13 & DH asked for more soda and got 2 huge glasses. Even though we were in the back we still had fun, but I prefer to be with the rest of the restaurant. All 4 of us got the Skillet Dinner and tea and soda’s. Total after DDE discount and before tip was $71.17. Once we got back to the hotel the kids went to the arcade to play games for a little while.

    Thursday 7/28/05

    Sci Fi-
    DH and I got Flat Iron Steak Sandwich, kids got kids meal cheeseburgers and we all had ice tea’s and cokes. After DDE discount and before tip the total was $37.78. The service, food and every thing here was excellent. We had a great meal.

    Dinner was at Mama Melrose –

    We got 3 chicken pizza’s, 2 soups and 1 Caesar salad. The kids split one pizza. Dh and I each had 1. After DDE discount and before tip the total was $49.86. Dinner was again great here. I love the pesto dip with the bread.

    Friday 7/29/05

    Teppanyaki-ADR at 12pm.
    DH & I ordered the shrimp & scallops meal with Miso Soup. DD13 & DS7 ordered the kids Shrimp meal. We also split a Sushi Maki roll appetizer. I had green tea and DH & Kids had coke. After 10% AP discount our total before tip was $70.70. As always this meal was great. The service was great, the food was great!

    Rose & Crown -
    I ordered the Potato Leek Soup, Bangers & Mash & Iced Tea. DH ordered the Cottage Pie, Lamb & Barley Soup and Coke. DD13 ordered the Kids Fish & Chips and Potato Leek Soup with a coke. DS7 Ordered the kids Mac & Cheese. Total after DDE discount but before tip was $54.62.

    Saturday 7/30/05 -

    We decided to eat at Liberty Tree Tavern again for lunch instead of doing fast food. We love eating here at the food is always good. I don’t have the receipt for this meal. The total was $51.40 that was after the DDE discount and with tip. I believe I ordered the Fresh From the Harbor. It’s my favorite thing to eat there and since I ate the sandwich last time and didn’t care for it too much I’m sure I ordered the Salmon!!

    For Dinner we ate at the Plaza Restaurant –
    DS7 had the kids grilled cheese and coke, DD had the mini cheeseburgers and Root Beer. DH had the Reuben and coke. I had a hamburger and a Root Beer. After the DDE discount and before tip the total was $31.97. I still am amazed that we can have such a great sit down meal for so cheap. What a great meal and a great end to a great vacation.
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    Thanks for the reviews.....looks like you ate at alot of places we frequent too!!! I have never been to the Rose and Crown, will have to put it on my list for the future.
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    Enjoyed reading your reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.
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    I think someone recently posted that LLT no longer serves the honey butter or the sweet tea. I am hoping they were wrong!
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    Cookie Princess-
    Say it isn't so!!! I'm hoping they were wrong! Those are two of the reasons we LOVE LTT so much. It's one of the places we have gone to at least twice each vacation. I hope it's not true. :furious: :sad2:
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    Thanks for your reviews. Even though we have eaten there before I cant wait to eat at the Plaza, Boma and Rose & Crown in September.
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    Thanks for the review

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