Julie and Rudy's Fabulous Adventure (without kids!) Day 1, Part 2 (Tuesday, November 14)

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    National had given us a little card with directions to Dixie Landings and we had no problems getting there. We took the South exit out of the airport onto Hwy. 417 South. This merges with Hwy. 536 and we just followed the signs to Downtown Disney and then Dixie Landings. There was very little traffic, I thought, for that time of day.

    As we drove through the gate to DXL, I had the distinct feeling that I was coming home. We had just been there in July and it seemed like we had never left! We knew the routine, stopped at the gate and told the guy we were checking in, parked at the entrance and went to the check-in—no line—but of course it was only noon. I had requested a non-smoking room with a king bed, but had to settle for a non-smoking with two double beds, if I didn’t want to wait. We decided to take that because we wanted to get settled and get on with our day. We were in 3718, a little farther away than last time (2652) but I didn’t mind at all because I love the walk and we were closer to the parking lot. In July, I had brought everything but the kitchen sink, but it took us no time to bring in the two suite cases and DH’s golf clubs this time. I quickly unpacked and we changed into shorts—it had been quite cool when we left Toronto—so this was nice. We then decided to go for lunch at the Colonel’s Cotton Mill, so grabbed our refillable mugs (I bought in July) and went on our way.

    As I said before, it was just like we had never left! It was a beautiful day to stroll along the pathway towards the restaurant. Along the way, I showed DH the main pool area and explained the boat system. In July, he had golfed the entire 4 days we spent at DXL, so had never really looked around. Because we were going to tour the resorts after lunch, we decided to catch a boat and start at Port Orleans. But first we got something to eat. The Cotton Mill looked just the same and I even saw the same CM working there! I wonder if they remembered us—probably not.

    After lunch, we stowed the mugs in my backpack and hopped on a boat after a few minutes wait at DXL’s dock. The ride along the river was beautiful especially with those mansion buildings over-looking the water. Next time I’d like to try one of those. We looked around Port Orleans when we arrived, which was nice and had a fun pool, but I still liked Dixie Landings for its beautiful setting. We decided to catch the bus from there and headed to Magic Kingdom where we switched to the resort monorail.

    I wanted to go right to the Grand Floridian because I had wanted to stop there in July when I had the kids with me, but they complained so much that they were tired and wanted to go back to the room, that I knew that if we had stopped, they would have ruined it for me. It was breathtaking to walk into the lobby and see that beautiful Christmas tree, rising almost to the stained glass domes in the ceiling. In fact, all the decorations were gorgeous! I certainly got some ideas for back at home. We walked around looking in the shops and restaurants etc. and when we got to the Garden View where afternoon tea was being served, it was DH’s suggestion to go in. It was lovely to be served by those nice ladies, in their Victorian dresses and with the Old Country Roses china. I had their own special blend of tea with two raisin tea biscuits served with Strawberry preserves and Devonshire cream—it was delicious! DH had coffee and lemon pound cake. We chatted a bit with our server, then set off again to walk around the grounds, taking pictures along the way.

    We headed down to the GF’s boat dock to catch the boat to the MK and from there transferred to the boat to the Contemporary for a look-around and to take some pictures. We then caught the boat to Wilderness Lodge (via Fort Wilderness) which I had also been dying to see, based on what I had read about it. We weren’t disappointed! To say the least, it was magnificent. We sat for quite a while in the lobby, just taking in the grandeur of it all. DH said later, it was his favourite of the resorts we visited. I still like the GF, but the WL is a very close second. Next, we again caught a boat back to the Contemporary because by this time it was getting close to the time of the fireworks at MK, so I wanted to catch the monorail and head over to the Polynesian to watch them from the beach. Once there, we found the hammocks on the beach—we were the first people there—and settled down on one to wait for the fireworks as we watched the lights change colors on the castle, Hawaiian music playing softly in the background. Suddenly, the music changed and I saw Tinkerbell fly through the air from the castle and the fireworks began. I will never forget the beautiful display of exploding sparkling lights against the star-filled sky. Anyone who has done this will know what I mean. It was over too soon and I didn’t want the evening to end, so we went back into the Poly and had a drink in the lounge. We then hopped back on the monorail and caught the bus from the MK back to DXL. It had been a perfect day and everything had gone just as I had hoped.



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    Sounds like you had a great day! Its always nice to not have to fight the traffic when you get close to WDW. Thanks for posting. :D

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    What a wonderful day. :) It's amazing how much you can do without ever setting foot in a park.

    I loved hearing all about the resorts. I can't wait to see the Christmas decorations some day.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    Lisa :)

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    Mar 25, 2000
    What a great first day. Thanks for posting!

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