Join DVC! Then cheap out?! Never Again!

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Aug 10, 2000
I think 5 in a one bedroom is pushing it in terms of comfort.

Last year we stayed at BWV for nine days with three kids, 4, 8 and 10. It was probably one of the best weeks of all of our lives!!

We used a one bedroom and the 4 year old or 8 year old boy alternated sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor. Although we are not particularly rich it did seem a bit ridiculous to me to have one of my children sleeping on the floor at this resort, which I particularly feel is one of the finest and classiest in the world! After doing it for a week, we will definitely be getting the two bedroom from now on.

It seems like a contradiction to crowd and not have a bed for each person and then to feel like we are in the lap of luxury during every other event during the rest of the time during the vacation.

We joined DVC to feel special, important, pampered, and comfortable. I am currently planning on using the need for the additional room as an excuse to get more points.

These vacations are what we live for, especially us DVCers! It's worth it to me to make sure my kids are comfortable and sleeping on a regular bed throughout one of the vacations that they and we will remember for the rest of our lives!

Just my opinion, but I won't be counting people on the elevators or reporting groups of 5 in a one bedroom to the mickey police!
Originally posted by Patpat15
It's worth it to me to make sure my kids are comfortable and sleeping on a regular bed throughout one of the vacations that they and we will remember for the rest of our lives!

Pat, I think that the title and subject of this thread is insensitive. I don't think that you have the right to make judgements about people who do put 5 in a 1 BR.

You may have been "cheaping out" by doing this but there are many people are told by their guides that it is okay to do and that is why they join DVC. They don't see it the way that you do, they see it as a way to have a great vacation and save some money by having cooking facilities, etc.

As for children sleeping on the floor. I have a family of 4. We can by all rights stay in a 1 BR without the appearance of cheaping out. However, one of my children would still have to sleep on the floor since my son does not appreciate sharing a bed with his sister. At the age of 10, I'm not sure that I blame him.

I personally think that DVC should provide rollaways for this type of situation since my only alternative to having one of my children on the floor is to book a 2 BR thereby depriving someone of a 2 BR that might truly need it.
I didn't make any judgements. I even said that it was my opinion. I do not judge people who choose to sleep on the floor intentionally. I was a marching band director for 15 years and brought bands to florida 9 times. Many of the students chose to sleep on the floor in order to have their own personal space, and that is totally ok, for them. I, however think it is important, when planning such a special vacation, to give my own children the space to sleep in a regular bed if they so choose. Running around the parks for hours each day requires proper sleep which many people consider may be, yes, in a bed. I do not think I am alone in that opinion.

Once again.

That is only my opinion!
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