JanuaryTrip- Best trip ever! Day 1


Earning My Ears
May 29, 2000
Cast of Characters:

DH- Age 27 Kindly indulges my Disney obsession
Me- Age 27 Disney Nut
Disney Vacation Club Members

Day 1- MGM, Dinner at Ohana, and Disney Quest
We Love the Polynesian!!

The children next door woke me at 6:30am, and I wasn't mad- just a little shocked. The connecting door really lets sound through. I dozed off again until almost 7:30. I had showered and peeked out into the sunshine before DH stirred awake. It was sun/clouds and close to 75 that day. Beautiful!! It was around 20 in Michigan. We headed off to MGM on the Disney Bus and I was SO happy as we traveled along. I always feel like I've "come home" when we're ar Disney.
The security check at MGM was new, but no big deal. The park was SO empty! And we arrived a half hour after opening! We went right to TOT, and I was really nervous. I've done it several times, so I don't know why, but I was shaking. I think the fact that I had no time to get used to the idea. (there was no line at all) Well, I survived, and then volunteered to do the Rock n Roller coaster next. I had never done it before. It was neat, but it made my stomach sick. When did I become such a wimp? I did really love the muppet show (it's my favorite at MGM) and the great movie ride. We had a wonderful lunch at the Brown Derby. I love the Cobb Salad and the grapefruit cake is fantastic. It's so unusual.
We left MGM around 1:00, and it had been a great, leisurely morning. We have never been there when there were no lines. It was almost spooky. I'm not complaining- it was fun to do everything we wanted to in just a couple of hours and still have a nice lunch.

We took the boat from MGM to the Boardwalk and then Bussed to Downtown Disney. I hopped off to shop and DH rode along to Typhoon Lagoon. I opted out because I thought it wasn't warm enough to swim, but he was anxious to get in the water. This way we both got what we wanted. I met him 2 hours later at the lagoon. He did manage to do everything, and the water was heated in most areas, but he said the wavepool was freezing.

We hopped a bus back to the Polynesian, and I took an hour long nap- yea! That's the sign of a great vacation... fun and rest too. We had dinner at Ohana, which is always super yummy. This time did not dissapoint. Everything was wonderful, and the atmosphere is so fun.

After dinner we hopped a bus to Disney's West Side and we did Disney Quest for a few hours. We even took a half hour drawing class, to learn how to draw mickey. DH really enjoyed playing all the vintage video games.

It was a great day at Disney!
Shopping at DDD - one of my favorite pasttimes - lol Sounds like a perfect day - thanks for posting!


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