Jan 8th Wonder - Day 2

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    MONDAY JANUARY 9, 2006:

    Who: Sue (47), DVC Member
    SB (48), Sexy Boyfriend

    Plan: Nassau (stay on ship)

    Actual: This morning I was up around 7, once it was light outside. All was peaceful until the 2 little kids from next door went out on their verandah and started talking loudly the way kids do. I think that woke up SB, but that wasn’t a bad thing as it gave us more hours in the day <g>! I finished up yesterday’s report, we got ready, and headed up for breakfast at Beach Blanket Buffet around 8:30. We were approaching Nassau by then.

    Breakfast was good – with the usual assortment of eggs, meats, fruits, etc. SB found us a table by the railing and since it was in the sun it was comfortable out there. The sky was clear blue, and there was a strong breeze. We were able to watch the ropes being tossed, and the men securing the ship to the dock. I always enjoy watching that, and it seemed he did too. We walked around the ship a bit after breakfast, and spent some time standing up on deck 10 forward. There ended up being no other cruise ships in port with us today, which surprised me. It must have been a good day for those guests who chose to go ashore!

    We returned to the stateroom and changed into our swimsuits, then went up to deck 10 by the adult pool and relaxed on a couple of sunny chaise lounges. At some point SB went and got me some water, and also got a burger and hot dog. I tried each, but wasn’t impressed. He thought they were both good, though. We never used the pool, but enjoyed laying in the sun. Eventually he returned to the stateroom for a nap, and I stayed up on deck doing some reading until around 1pm. We laid around the stateroom the rest of the afternoon. About 2 we ordered some room service – chicken noodle soup and a BLT for him, fresh fruit bowl for me, and an All Hands on Deck (crackers & cheese) for later with our wine. I also had to order the Big Island Cookie (chocolate chip) as well as the oatmeal raisin cookie! The food arrived within 25 minutes as promised, and we took it out to the verandah.

    Unfortunately, most of it was just plain awful! The BLT came on focaccia bread and it was dry and tasteless. The chicken noodle soup had no flavor either. Both portions were tiny, even by my standards! The fresh fruit was good and the cheese/crackers was good. I don’t think we’ll bother with room service again though! At 3 we watched General Hospital, and a while later I took another shower and then headed down to Shutter’s to buy our embarkation photo. I walked on deck 4 for a while, since I knew he wouldn’t be interested in doing that.

    Around 6 we went downstairs to see Golden Mickeys. Once again we had people sit in front of us who kept moving kids from lap to lap, destroying my view in some cases. This time we were seated in the very last row though, so when I moved it didn’t affect anyone else. Eventually the family stopped moving the kids around, but the mother and grandmother talked loudly through the entire show! They were so obnoxious, and I debated asking them to please shut up, but didn’t want to get into an ugly confrontation on vacation and wasn’t sure it would do any good anyways. We must be magnets for rude people or something! The show was terrific, and SB really enjoyed it (except for the loudmouths in front of us).

    We returned to the stateroom and our steward was working in there, so we headed back down to the shops on deck 4. We did some browsing, which means after 5 minutes he went to sit outside and wait for me <g>. We got a frame for the embarkation photo and got some Mickey peppermints for him. When we returned to the stateroom the steward had finished, so we relaxed a bit before getting dressed for dinner. Tonight is “dress up” night ship-wide. SB wore a dark suit, while I wore the black dress from last night (since different people would be seeing us).

    We were about 5 minutes early, so we hit the mob of people waiting for dinner. Once the doors opened we were inside in no time, and taken to our table. We have a table for 4 and lucked out tonight – the other couple was not there. I knew he preferred to eat with just us rather than with other people, but Disney doesn’t have tables for 2. He had a Caesar salad and shrimp cocktail, while I had the mixed garden salad. We both had the tenderloin entrée, and everything was excellent. It obviously wasn’t Palo-quality, but it was very good. Since it was just the 2 of us we were able to be served fairly quickly, and our server did a good job of getting us out of there even though we never asked. For dessert we ordered a crème brule, and I ate about half of it.

    After dinner we went to the stateroom to change back into comfortable clothes and went up to WaveBands. Michael Harrison was doing a 10:15 adult comedy/ventriloquism show and we wanted to see that. His comedy was ok – the show dragged through that point. However, once he started with the ventriloquism (first with a tennis ball) he was hysterical! I won’t give away any of what he does, but if he’s on your cruise, do NOT miss him! He’s doing the family show the next night, but I almost think that will be a let-down after this one (besides being over-run with kids <g>). After the show the 70’s Disco Night started, and we stayed for that. The cast members were really great getting people involved, and in no time they had some really funny guests out on the dance floor. We watched the Gloria Gaynor contest and then the John Travolta contest – all great fun! I’ve never been able to attend any of these events in the past because I wasn’t willing to stink like a cigarette butt, but now that smoking it banned in this club I’m able to go.

    I was falling asleep in his arms, so we headed back upstairs to bed. I asked him if he’d enjoyed himself today (since this is all new to him) and he said “immensely”. He’s also willing to cruise again, whenever we can work it into our schedules.
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    Excellent...on to day 3! :goodvibes
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    What a lovely day, shame about the family in front of you at the Golden Mickey's, but I'm glad you had a good day :)

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