Jack Hanna weekend in Nov. crowds??


Jan 10, 2001
We will be in Orlando from 11/10 to 11/18. I just found out that Seaworld is having Jack Hanna weekend on 11/17 & 11/18. I had planned on doing seaworld that weekend. Does anyone know what the impact on the crowds will be? Should I avoid SW that weekend or is this special weekend something worth catching?
There's no way of predicting for sure, of course, but my guess is the impact will be minimal. SeaWorld doesn't attract the same large crowds as WDW and UO and even though you'll be there during the build up to Thanksgiving, the park should be quite manageable.

Presumably, the folks who come to see Jack Hanna will be crowding whatever events he's hosting, leaving the rest of the park to you.
I visited during Jack Hanna weekend on Saturday. The crowd didn't seem any larger than a usual Saturday crowd.


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