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    Aug 26, 1999
    Well, aaahhhh it was great to be back at Hilton Head. The weather was a comforting 80 degrees and the waves were swishing soothingly onto the sand in front of the beach house. We'd checked in and got a great 1 bedroomed apartment overlooking Broad Creek. As some of you may know, we had hoped to try and get to Savannah for St Patrick's day, but unfortunately, after the long drive (approx 6.5 hours) we just thought we'd sit on the balcony with a few buds and chill. I was reading the Island Times and noticed that Hilton Head were having their own St Patricks day parade the following day - so, of course, we had to go to that. What a strange experience! So next day we headed off to the parade with me having my preconceived ideas of what would ensue. Nothing could prepare me for the thousands of people, all dressed in something green, many with green hair, hats, beads etc and for the ex-4th July floats (red white and blue) with shamrocks and Happy St Patricks day pasted on. The day was a community affair with locals schools and colleges, retirement homes, the Humane Society and many more taking part. A very amusing and colourful day out - though what it had to do with St Patricks day I have yet to discover !!!! LOL!!!!

    DW thought she would do some home cooking for us that evening. What an event this turned out to be as you'll find out as you read on!

    At this point I would like to say that my DW and I are still married - I was chilling, having a Bud on the balcony when DW kindly comes out with the offer of some Dorritos. Happy Days!! However, as she doesn't want any bugs to get in the rooms, she closes over the balcony door to keep them out ------ and it seems, guess what, US!!!!!! The door locked behind her and when she tried to get back in again, couldn't! The bedroom balcony door was also locked. So, here we were, sitting one floor up, chilling (I don't think) with the light fading and not a sinner in sight. No LOL here!!!! After about 20 minutes with DW's legs swung over the balcony continually saying it wasn't her fault and that she'd jump down the 15 foot drop to get help (yeah - of course she would - and I've got a dodgy knee so I couldn't go!!) a man appeared. DW yelled for him to call housekeeping and tell them we've got locked out on the balcony which he duly does........ it gets better ........ housekeeping turn up at the front door, which we can see from the balcony only to find that DW has put the slide lock on the front door....LOL... I wasn't really!!!!!!!! Now what???!!!?? Well, five minutes later we heard the sounds of a siren getting closer to the resort. As an ex-firefighter my feels of sheer embarrassment were starting to get the better of me, but as quick as the siren came, it went again and as light faded further we contemplated our evening ahead on the balcony. Around half an hour later a person appeared around the corner with a big smile and few words saying that he'd get us back in. True to his promise we were back inside within 5 minutes. After a new lock had been installed on the door my DW informed me that the previous one had been dogdy which is why we got locked out. So she says anyway!!

    We hired two bikes out for the duration of our stay - $50. We used them to cycle back and forwards to the beach house which is about a mile and a half each way.

    We went to Beaufort and Hunting Island. At Beaufort we stopped off at a gallery which sells watercolours by a local artist and bought some prints to take home. Hunting Island was a bit disappointing. There were many trees downed along the beach front which made it look as though a hurricane had just been through and the beach was very quiet.

    We pre-booked A Private Affair with Chef Gordon and had a lovely evening. We had Daufauskie Island Crab Cakes to start with Devils Elbow sauce and accompanied by a chilled Chardonnay. For the main course I had Sea Bass with a white wine sauce and DW had a creamy garlic pasta with scallops and shrimp. We had a Sauvignon Blanc with this course. Our dessert was a fondue with cake, ice cream and pineapple pieces to dip in a wonderful chocolate sauce. Champagne with brandied peaches was perfect with this. Gordon was a great host and I would thoroughly recommend to anyone....One thing we'd recommend though is to pre-book him in advance...... especially if it is for a special ocassion and you'd like a specific night.

    We also tried out Tommy's treasure hunt and had great fun. We got the last piece of treasure but replaced it with four new pieces. From reading other posts on the DVC board it seems our four pieces have now gone and have been replaced by more treasure.

    One of the days we cycled over to the beach it was very hot and I decided that I would definitely try the sea for a refreshing swim. The water was particularly cold and I seemed to be the only one bracing the chilly water. However, I bravely soldiered on and made my way deeper into the sea until I was waist deep. I took a deep breath and plunged into the sea swimming several feet before surfacing. I glanced to shore at my cowardly DW and noticed her beckoning me out of the water. Crossly I made faces which indicated "What for??" She said the word every swimmer dreads - SHARKS!!! At this point I could feel the contents of my bowels threatening to leave my body, but knowing my DW decided to look behind me. True enough I could see 2 fins protruding out of the water - DOLPHIN FINS not SHARK FINS!! She's still trying to live it down. You'd think after swimming with the dolphins at Discovery Cove she'd now know the difference. What a plonker!!!

    So here ends a great vacation.:) :) :)

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    Thanks for the reports JJ, I agree with your views on Chef Gordon, even with the price increase I think this is a great evening.

    Trust me, and I speak from experience, if you're IN the water and see a fin circling you, you don't wait to check if it's a shark or a dolphin !!! LOL
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    Thanks, JJ.

    It's nice to read the different ways we can enjoy Orlando and Florida in general.
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    Thanks from us too JJ..

    That is why I NEVER go in the sea...LOL ;)
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    LOL JJ :D :D :D It may not have been funny at the time but your getting stuck on the balcony sure is funny now :D
    Thank you for the report! It's great hearing about Hilton Head!

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