It's National Left-handers Day

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    Ok all you A cattle, get in ...
    May 18, 2005
    Great quotes for the left hander.

    The only thing to fear is... Right handers. FDR.

    To be left handed, or not to be left handed. Shakespeare.

    Don't be trapped in Dogma, which is living the results of the thinking of right handers. Steve Jobs.

    Remember. The only taste of success right handers get is to take a bite out of left handers. Zig Zigler.

    A right handed life is not worth living. Socrates.

    The wisest left handers follow their own direction. Euripides.

    There is no wealth like left handedness, no poverty like right handedness. Ali ibn Abi Talib.


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    Apr 14, 2008
    My mother was a lefty. Back in the late 1930's the nuns in Catholic school forced to her write with her right hand.
    Lefty though school offered to make me right handed
    Heck, they were still trying to do that in the 70s. My kindergarten teacher told my dad they had to treat it like I was “handicapped” and to make me use my right hand. I cannot repeat what Dad said but it was a very colorful version of “leave her be.” Needless to say, I write with my left hand and no one ever tried to change that again. I did have to learn to do a lot of things right handed (still use scissors with my right hand) simply because it was a righty world out there. Now they have all sorts of stuff for lefties. My DD has no idea how easy she has it. 🤣


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