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Aug 24, 1999
Yes, it has been a long time since I've posted here.
I have to say that my DW and I have missed sitting around our computer monitor and reading cruise posts and talking about our February 17th trip to Disney and Disney cruise.
Alas, we will not be going! Due to 9/11 our family plans for our trip to Disney and our Wonder cruise are put on hold.
It was very hard for me to log on and read some of your posts knowing that we would not be going on our planned vacation. I don’t mean to bring everyone here down but we were really looking forward to this trip which we have been planning for over a year.
My DW and I are looking forward to hopefully setting another date for our Disney Adventure as soon as possible. Thankfully we have our pictures and memories from our last visit to Disney.
We will try to keep a stiff upper lip and continue reading your posts.
For all those lucky February cruisers have a “Wonder”ful time and remember, “Take only memories and leave only footprints.”

Have an ICE day ,
Hey Coach,
I'm sorry you had to cancel your cruise :( We all must do what we feel is right for ourselves and our families. We thought we would be staying close to home for a while after the events of 9/11 but then another life altering event occured--my beloved Auntie suddenly died. We had been putting off cruising because of one reason or another. Her death made me realize that there may not be a tomorrow for us. I will always regret not going sooner as I know she would have loved it.

I know your bummed out now but your time will come--when your ready.

Take care.

Sorry to hear you had to cancel your plans. 9/11 has affected so many of hubby who is a Port Authority P.O. at the GWB was supposed to be going with us on our 2/23 cruise, but was told a few weeks ago that all vacations were suspended through May of this year.

He still insisted the rest of us still go and enjoy the "Magic". He is the one that really need the vacation....

We know how you feel. we wish Daddy could come with us.


Sorry for what happened to your aunt. Yes, I agree with you that tomorrow is always a question mark. And people should cheerish every moment of their lives. There are no such thing as starting a bad day, it's just what you made of it. We all should be glad that we could wake up each morning (and did not pass on through the night). That's why I can't believe why people commit suicide. Who cares if you are bankrupt, who cares if you lost your job, the key is to enjoy our short life span on this earth.

Love and God Bless.
I'm sorry you had to cancel your vacation. I hope you will be planning your next cruise soon.
Coach,so nice to see to see you back on the boards! I hope you and your family are well. Welcome Back!


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