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Welcome to my world :)

So, I've been thinking about the convention, and I thought it might be neat if we did a few 'scheduled' events, like a DIS Pin Trading event, maybe even a scrap-booking event, etc.

Any ideas, takers, volunteers?

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Hey Pete,
don't you hate when you can't stop thinking and planning??? No Ideas right yet....but will voluneeter...for anything you need..........!



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Hi, Pete, both the ideas mentioned sound great. I'm only a pin "dabbler" so I can't help much there. And, while I have all my scrapbooking supplies, I haven't even started one yet! There were a few ideas mentioned at the convention chat the other night. I came up with the afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian. Some else mentioned a karoake night at one of the night clubs. I'm pretty sure Linda wrote down everyone's suggestions. I'm traveling solo, so I will have plenty of time to do all the convention events I want! ;) I will be glad to help. I don't have any special talent to share, but I'll do what I can. I'm really looking forward to this trip and hope the convention will become an annual event! Thanks for everything. :D

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I thought a few of us could storm (er, I mean visit) the AC one night. That place would be a riot with AC veterans! :D

Do you have any idea as to when the kickoff reception will be? Afternoon or evening?

If you need volunteers to check people in or help in hosting an event, just let me know! We are tentatively scheduled to arrive on site by 1 PM on the 28th.


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How about a teen meet at Disneyquest? My kids would really like that, and since disneyquest is included in the passes we can get from you it should be reasonable. I'd be happey to help with anything you need. And Pete? Try and get some sleep! ;)

This is going to be such a hoot! Pete -- get some sleep man! You'll go nuts!

I won't be able to do many of the extra-curriculars. We've never been to Epcot so the kiddos want to do that. Plus, they're already listing which things at each park they want to visit.

I still want to do a whirlwind tour of the best hotel decorations, but I think I may be the only one!



Mom-to-3, I want to see the decorations too! I've always wanted to see Disney all dressed for Christmas. How about a bus tour of the resorts Pete?


hey Pete....
You are getting sleeeeeepy ..... very sleeeeeepy


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veeery sleeeeepy.........

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I'll volunteer to help where ever I'm needed...we'll be there for the whole kit-and-kaboodle. :D I would love to help at the sign-in booth...'greeting people is my specialty' :)

All the other ideas sound fun too...I'm not sure how the scrapping thing would work scrapping supplies travel nicely? ;)

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I have a few ideas...

1. Scavenger Hunts (for kids or adults)

2. Beach Party (for all)

3. Early Entry get togethers and park touring

4. Gather the most character autographs (for kids)

5. Have us bring a current picture of ourselves and see who can put the most screen names to the pictures.

I will volunteer somewhere too!

Has anyone thought of us bringing donations for Give Kids the World?

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Great idea's :)

We have a Family Scavenger Hunt that will last the whole convention already in the works; it should be a lot of fun.

I'm also looking into tours (Disney's Yuletide Fantasy and Innovations in Action that features the MK utilidors)and programs at the Disney Institute for adult and youth; I'll post more on this later.

I like the idea about tea at the Grand - one of my favorites! Did you know that the DI has an English Tea program that lasts 3 hours? It teaches you how to prepare, serve, then eat -LOL a proper English Tea, sounds kind of interesting.


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I'm with Scottwdw! I think a visit to AC would be a blast. Its one of our favorites in all of WDW! :D


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I don't think there are enough hours in the day to go to the main parks, go to PI/DQ, attend the DIS events, PLUS optional tours, etc.! I'm getting exhausted just thinking about it!
I love these two ideas, RhondaS!! Pete, we'll need prizes! :D

2. Beach Party (for all) [Volleyball anyone?]

5. Have us bring a current picture of ourselves and see who can put the most screen names to the pictures. [Need a BIG board for this]
Tea at GF sounds great! Maybe on Friday, 11/29, so those of us traveling solo and not going to the parks that day would have someplace to meet up with other people.

If others are interested, maybe some of the WISHers from the IB would like to get together. Three letters come to mind S-P-A!

How about a meeting on Wed. night for Solo Travelers to meet up? It would be a good time to meet everyone and maybe arrange times later to do things in smaller groups with other solos. I know I want to find a few other 'shopping buddies' to go to Downtown Disney or Epcot WS shopping & lunch on Sat, 12/1.

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Pete, I posted this last week on the family board thread for ideas for kids. Some of these could also work for adults:


How about an ice cream social?

Or a cookie decorating party?

A convention long scavenger hunt for pressed pennies!!!

A Beach Party! (beach volleyball, swimming at Stormalong Bay, water balloon fights...etc.)

A 'Make your own Disney Souvenier' Party. Have t-shirts, mouse ears and fabric paints, keychain material, photo frames....etc. Get DIS ºoº 2001 rubber stamps made up. The kids can stamp their work!

Make your own Disney Postcards! Get all your new friends to sign them.


- get little passport books made up (like epcots) (these could also serve as 'official' DIS Convention 2001 schedule of events) get rubber stamps made up for each of the DIS events. The attendees can get their passports stamped at each event. These little books should have some address pages in them as well so people can exchange info with friends.

- For post-convention....have an online photo contest "Capture the magic" .... prizes can be left-over convention stuff. DISers can vote on the best pictures for each category (Most touching, Most fun, 'Goofy'est....ect.)

- DIS Tea at the Grand Floridian?

- A DIS only lady bug release at the Poly?

- A character weenie/marshmallow roast at Fort Wilderness? Host a trivia game!

- For the scavenger hunt, make sure one of the items is to take a photo at Innoventions West and email the pic to the DIS family album.

- A ladies morning at the GF spa?

Heres some other ideas that you didn't ask about, but I'm throwing my 2 cents in anyways :D :


- Brochure outlining photo contest categories and rules.

- Get GOH badges with our screen name in BIG letters and our 'real' name in small letters.

- DIS convention 2001 passports.

....I could go on and on and on (I usually do <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz"> ) E-mail me if you want some ideas for the scavenger hunt AFTER you get some sleep ;) .

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How about DIS Con does Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? It holds 600 people - we could do this! :)

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It sounds like you need to set up a volunteer Platoon! I am traveling solo so I really won't have any must do's! I think Volunteering would be a good way to get to meet people. If you would like me to assist with the volunteer organization just let me know. (I do have a little experience in this area, I have been a Girl Scout voluteer for a long time and done lots of BIG events for up to 1000.)

I had suggested a Thrill Ride tour of WDW. It would probably be an all-day thing. I can coordinate or host it if need be.

How about the emu races? :)


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Hey Pete,

My pin collecting/trading has turned into an

:eek: Obsession :eek:

So if you wanna do something along those lines, I'll be glad to help out.


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