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Jan 25, 2001
I am wondering if it is worth going there if you don't enjoy riding roller coasters. I saw the comerical on television and it looked like all roller coaster rides. I will go to Universal for a day but i don't want to waste the extra money if we arent going to enjoy it. Michelle
we spent two days at Universal/IOA.

there are 2 big roller coasters at IOA and one family-friendly coaster. we rode the family coaster but my kids were too short for the Hulk or Dueling Dragons. and we found plenty to do at IOA.

Hi, Mish:

My son is not tall enough for the major coasters yet and we've returned 11 times! There's LOADS to do without venturing on the big coasters. We're just looking forward to the day that we can! :D


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We did not do any coasters (unless you consider Jurassic a coaster), and LOVED it. I think Spiderman alone is worth the price of admission, and my 8 year old's favorite ride in all of Orlando is Popeye's raft ride.


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