Is Disney Now charging to accept package deliveries?

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Aug 15, 2000
Hi everyone,

I have read in a few places that resorts in WDW are now charging to accept and hold packages sent to you at a resort, ie Netgrocer deliveries or boxes sent from home. Originally I was not too concerned as I heard this was being done at All Star and I figured that was a service they don't offer. But I just read somewhere they are charging $40 to accept deliveries at OKW. No that's not a typo ...$40!!!

Is there anyone who knows whether or not this is true, and if it applies everywhere?
I do remember someone posting that they were charged $30+ - thought it was Yacht Club, and that they were charged by the weight of the package.

I'd call OKW in advance and check with their policy on accepting packages and any charges that may be attached.


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