Interval exchange question for a first timer


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Jan 6, 2011
Questions please -
I can book OKW through an exchange - will that eventually show so I can connect to MDE.
I currently have a stay for July 12-21 at AoA but this opened for July 12-19.
thought I would just change my AoA to 19-21 for 2 days and do a split stay. Is that possible?
How do tickets, dining reservations, etc. work?
Looking for someone with much more experience than I in this process?
I assume you mean you have another timeshare that you can use to exchange into DVC via II. If so, it’s easy. Wait at least 48-72 hours or a week or so after you confirm the trade, then call DVC at the number on your confirmation and tell them you’re coming on an inbound exchange and would like the Disney confirmation number. At that time you’ll also need to give them names, ages, addresses, etc. of everyone who will be occupying the villa with you, same as for your AoA reservation. They’ll give you the confirmation number to link to MDE.

No problem doing a split stay. No matter what, you’ll have to buy park tickets separately for your trip, or at least for the DVC portion, because this is the equivalent of a room-only reservation, not a package. Also, if you do a split stay, you will have two ADR booking windows opening 60 days from each checkin day, that will cover checkin day through checkout day for each reservation.

Have fun!


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