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May 7, 2001
Anyone driving to the port using Interstate 95 from the North, such as driving from Georgia or NE Florida could suffer from a major traffic delay south of Jacksonville and St Augustine.

Some information for anyone that will be driving to the cruise port on Interstate 95 South from Georgia and going through NE Florida:

There was a major accident earlier this week to a bridge on I-95 South in St Johns County, which is south of Jacksonville and a little south of St Augustine in North East Florida. A flat bed truck that was hauling some large earth moving equipment tried to go under a bridge that carries I-95 over St Route 206 and it collided with the bridge and damaged the structure of the bridge. It will take 2 to 3 weeks to repair it . This will most likely result in severe traffic congestion because motorists on I-95 south will have to get off the Interstate and get back on after the bridge, using the exit and entrance ramps.

The accident is at I-95 South, exit 93 and St Route 206. Florida has not migrated to the practice of labeling exits with the mile posts as most states do, so it is difficult to judge without a map (we need more of your tourist dollars and gasoline taxes, please!). If you are driving on I-95 South, you will need to allow more time for the traffic delay, or you will need to consider getting off of the highway and using St Route 1 closer to the coast for a few miles to bypass it.

If you hate sitting in those long traffic jams like I do, you might consider the route I plan to take. I'll be exiting I-95 at Exit 95, which is St Route 16, in St Augustine. Gentlemen, be especially wary of this exit, there are 95 outlet stores on the west side of this exit and another 85+ on the east side, so drive quickly and distract the shoppers in the car! Anyway, take St route 16 east PAST the outlet malls until you get to State Route 1 (about 5 miles), then go South. You can then continue on State Route 1 for approximately 15 to 20 miles and it will intersect with I-95 South well beyond the tie up. Most of State Route 1 is actually a divided roadway with two lanes each direction and speed limits of 50 to 65, so it won't be that bad. Before President Eisenhower started the Interstate highway system, Route 1 was the major north - south highway to get to and from Miami.

Another word to the guys - if they make you stop at the outlet malls, you can ask to stop at the World Golf Village and the Golf Hall of Fame, which is at I-95 north, in between Jacksonville and St Augustine on the way back! If your wife is a shopper and a golfer, then you need far more help than I can offer you!
Thanks Al - I posted a similar thread over on the Transportation Boards (giving you credit of course) as soon as the boards came up this morning. There's already someone who was driving down next week that will benefit from your information.
Good that you're getting the word out, hope you only gave me credit for reporting it and not for causing it.

I can't find any additional info on my news stations or in the newspaper, but people should at least be aware that the possibility exists for a long delay.

Doesn't matter how recently you made a comfort stop, someone in the car always declares an emergency need.
Towncrier -
Thanks, I put my directions to avoid that section of I95 on the transportation board also.

See you on board in just :

It is now Thursday 01/17/2002 at 2:34:20 PM
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I'll be the guy going 'Ahhhh.... , this is the place!'
Thanks for the heads-up, Al.

FYI, Exit 93 is at milepost 305, just south of St Augustine.

Those coming from the northwest will want to take I-75 south to Florida's Turnpike, to SR-528.
Thanks for the info. We are leaving Sunday and will be going through there on Monday.
This occurred just 5 miles from my house. There is no way around this that will not lose you a few minutes, but the least painful way to avoid this would most likely be to hop on US-1 north of St. Augustine (either at exit 96 or 95A ) and drive through town down to the south end of the county where US-1 and I-95 cross over one another.

It is estimated that the bridge will be closed for at least 1, and maybe up to 2 weeks.

If you come through town without stopping, this detour will most likely only cost you an extra 15-20 minutes, depending on in-town traffic.

If anyone wants to stop and look around., and you have any questions, PM me, & I'll try to fill in the blanks for you.


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