inspired by ez's thread-do you know someone with an absolutely incredible job?


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Jul 27, 2000
I love both p/t and f/t jobs, but have had bad days at both like most people. One of my sisters has the most incredible job. She is an RN, and for the last few months she has been the set nurse for one of the network soaps. Evidently if they have a child on the set they have to have a nurse present. She makes great money, has her own dressing room, catered lunches, great work atmosphere and 0 stress. so who do you know that has an incredible job?
Well, one of our sales rep actually ... she is the district sales rep for DISNEY! I do imagine that she does have her share of stresses! I know she travels a ton , but look at the options of where she has to go. DL, DCL, and WDW!!!! Not too bad for business trips!!!!
think my husband does.. he's a video game programmer...

Not being a "gamer" I don't care.. but it's a great field.. and he loves what he does.. they have great work culture

My ds, 13, is positive that's what he wants to do when he "grows up". He already has a name for his company:p

Either a game programmer or something in genetics!:eek:
Kteacher, now that is a fabulous job:D Does she need anyone to fill in for her? I heard of a Plastic Surgeon down in the Westport area that has nurses do private duty with women that have recently had cosmetic surgery. Big bucks:D
I have a few friends who are theatre actors. Two of them have starred in Tony Award winning Broadway shows, and have performed on many talk shows (Lettermen, Regis, etc.), as well as the Tony Awards show. One of them has even gone on to have some success in movies.

I love sitting in the audience (usually grinning with pride as I watch them), and watch them onstage, and think, "They are getting paid for doing something they absolutely love doing." They get paid great money (Equity minimum for a Broadway show is at least $1000 per week, and that figures a few years old, so it has to be more than that now) for singing, dancing, and acting, and they get thunderous applause for doing this eight shows a week. Can you think of something better than that?

I have a relative who works for Disney. Several months ago, everyone in her office was "ordered" to go to MGM for the morning. Imagine being paid for that?? Sounds like a great job to me :)
I think it's the best job in the world being a Dad. I can't imagine anything at all more satisfying.
Not sappy Jeff but I thought the best job was being a Mom.:p
Originally posted by kejoda
Not sappy Jeff but I thought the best job was being a Mom.:p

Yeah, I woulda figured DW would say the same thing, but I have no experience at that job, so can't compare. ;)
nhrenee -

don't be surprised if he just goes for it.. my husband has never regretted it..

his parents don't really "get it" .. but he makes a great living..and when people say "do you still like your job?" he looks at them with eyes like.. "like it!? I LOVE it" .. he has no concept that some people in this world.. don't wake up ecstatic about going to work..

oh the lucky ignorance he lives in :) hehe

p.s. sounds like either way your son goes.. he'll be doing a lot of MATH.. blech!
I've heard of some jobs where these amazingly rich people have someone take care of the homes that they are NOT living in....

they just have to make sure that when they do come into town that everything is ready to in fridge, clean sheets....etc....I do that already but imagine being paid! LOL

oh, another one is a set selector...they get to pick where the set will be for the movies they are working on...Traveling at a moments notice...

My DS works for a movie studio so I get to hear of all of these jobs I never even imagined...

My mom's coworker has a son that takes care of the elephants at Animal Kingdom.
I once met an Imagineer. He produces all of the movies used at Disney. I told him that had to be the best job, and he agreed!
All I can say is that anyone with an "incredible" job is truly lucky. I was discouraged by my high school guidance counselor when I told him what I wanted to do...theatrical make-up in NYC! It's still something I would like to do all these years later. Sure it's a narrow field for opportunities, but people ARE doing it! :mad:


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