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Mar 17, 2003
I would appreciate any information, good and bad, about your experience in a beach cottage at Vero. I am thinking of a reservation for five days and my eleven month window for my choice of dates in January will be opening next week.

Did anyone have trouble getting a reservation?

What did you like about the accomodations?

Is any particular cottage worth requesting?

How does it compare with OKW grand villas or Boardwalk grand villas?

Which do you like best?
My friend booked it day by day when we stayed there. We were in the second cottage from the pool (right hand side if looking toward the ocean)

We traveled with 4 adults, 3 teens and 3 younger kids. We took turns cooking and everyone really tried to keep their stuff picked up and/or stashed in their rooms. All shoes, sandals and beach stuff was stored under the stairs. With 10 people, the washer and dryer were in constant motion! I can't compare it to the other's as I have not stayed there. (at the time, we weren't able to get a GV at Boardwalk because of repairs so had to take a 2br and a studio):smooth: :smooth:

ps - we did have to ask for more dining room chairs and they were brought up promptly. Usually, the younger boys ate at the counter though. I can't think of one bad thing about it.
:sunny: Oh how I wish we could stay in a VB beach cottage. They are truly glorious! All of them have spectacular ocean views, and are spacious and well appointed. Each has three balconies, two of them totally private. I want one in the worst way. As compared to the BWV and OKW GVs, I think they are more private, as you are in a separate building. Oh they are so beautiful!
Our problem is that our 6 yr old DS is wheelchair bound and the BCs are all two-storey. I guess we could carry our nearly 50 lb boy upstairs to the living area, but as he gets older, well, it might begin to hurt Dad's (my) back. Of course having been at VB last month and loving it, it is fresh in the mind (ahhhhhh, VB). We waited nearly a month, hoping our desire for a VB add-on would subside. But it didn't, so we called our guide today and put a deposit on 75 more points (wife tells me this evening to call back and get 80 :p ). Maybe we;ll get ourselves a BC before DS gets too heavy...
Originally posted by tvwalsh
Did anyone have trouble getting a reservation?

We booked ours for this June at the 11 month window(day by day) for our 6 nites there. I think if you book it at the earliest possible time(9:00 am) at 11 months you should have an excellent chance.

I wouldn't worry about requesting a particular one,there are only 6 Beach Cottages. To walk from one end of VB resort to the other would only take you 5-6 minutes total.

All of the 3 bedrooms are on the bottom floor. There also is no bathroom on the top floor. I also like the VB Beach cottages better than OKW GV's because they are free standing and more private.

Here is a link with pictures of the VB Beach Cottage below........

We were booked in a one bedroom at Vero in 02’. When we arrived, the cottages AMAZED us so we flipped our reservation to a cottage at the check in desk with no problem. We had the most wonderful time and the cottage was large, nice and very relaxing. We would do it again in a heartbeat!
VB Beach Cottage - yum!

BC is amazing - 3BR on ground floor with 3 bathrooms and then a staircase upstairs to one massive high ceiling room - large dining room table (8 chairs), one balcony facing resort, one facing the Ocean, large kitchen facilities - wow!

The accomodations were amazing - liked everything about them - they are unfortunately not wheel chair accessible due to the 2 storey layout

All the cottages are close as Nick pointed out - there is one cottage - #1450 that you may or may not want - it is right by the Tiger Lily/Golf Course/Playground - great location but may be a touch noisy - in which case move to the ocean side balcony ;) - seriously there may be too much activity from this one specific cottage.

I really cannot compare to BWV GV since it is a different approach in design and theme - suffice to say they are both something special

We have stayed in a VB cottage 5-6 times since we first bought into VB. I second everything everyone has said. I do think it would be nice if they had a half bath on the upper level, as it is inconvienent to be going up and down the stairs all the time, especially if your legs aren't what they used to be. We usually request one of the end units to be further away from the main area (all of a 2 minute walk). Of all the area of the BC we probably use the ocean balcony the most. The sound of the waves, the sight of the ocean and all the fresh air is perfect for enjoying a pint or two of Guinness at the end of a tough day at the pool, links, malls, etc. It is a lot of points, but we keep going back. Go for it and enjoy!
Steve from Iowa


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