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    Apr 8, 2008
    Last week I asked how to rent the pavilion by the pool for a birthday party. Nobody was sure and even the CM at the front desk didn't know. This weekend I found out. I spoke with the recreation manager and it is on a first come first serve basis. You can place your items on table and decorate to "reserve" area. There is no charge for this.

    We went to the pool area at 9:00am to put up decorations and place our coolers. There was already decorations up but they were only using two tables. We put two picnic tables together and then shortly after two more groups came and used the other 4 picnic tables. We had our party from 10-2 and the other parties did not start until around 1:00. It was a little cramped and some of the guests set at our table and I believe at some of the food. Not a big deal, but we didn't want to leave anything gifts. It was nice that all the groups shared the area and nobody took more space than they needed.

    Hope that helps if you are looking into using the pavilion. Go early to reserve your area, and only use the space you need. Thankfully the tables can be moved around:goodvibes

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