Info Please on Universal's City Walk?


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Feb 16, 2000
I'll be there in early August with my 21-year old twin daughters - a mother/daughter vacation. We plan to enjoy the nightlife around Disney and Universal. Can anyone fill me in on "fun" stuff at CityWalk - entertainment and good food. I've been to Pleasure Island - how do they compare??


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Hubby and I enjoy City Walk more than Pleasure Island. It is not so parkish, definately for grown ups. The clubs are beautiful. They have some very good restaurants, Emeril's, Latin Quarter. Latin Express is great if you want to grab a quick snack (try the cuban sandwich..yummy)Margaritaville is a nice place to have a drink and some nachos, but the food isn't very good. The clubs are great, wide variety of music, we love Don Marley's (reggae). Our 22 year old loves The Groove for dancing and meeting people. City Jazz gets some great bands (very relaxing). Pat O'Briens's has a great Piano Bar, Patio Bar, Bar with tv's...just a very enjoyable place, and the Hurricane's are great! NBA City has ok food. Hard Rock Live gets some great acts, check the website to see if anything interests you and the girls before you get there.

ps...if you are looking to see a good show, try to get tickets asap for Cirque de Soleil in Downtown Disney. The show is outstanding, and worth every bit of the ticket price. I would love to see it again.

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