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Jul 13, 2002
Wer just got back from a DCL cruise and already have our next Wonder cruise planned for 2003. I know I have read a few of you mentioning other cruise lines. My best friend and I want to do a 3 or 4 day cruise in August 2003 on RCL or Carnival. What are good destinations and which ships. I am spoiled after DCL and don't want a floating college boat :)

Any advice would be so appreciate!!!
We did the Fantasy/Carnival a few years ago it was good but I expected better but the price was right...
let me know if you have any questions...

Tell me about the Disney Cruise you were was it without a casino...


We have been on the Carnival Imagination (4-days), Elation (7-days), and the Triumph (2-days). Also on the Majesty of the Seas (4-day) and the Explorer of the Seas (7-day) and on the Magic twice. Are scheduled to go on the Carnival Legend for 8-days out of New York July 2003.

None of them was a "floating college boat". The food & shows were better on RCCL, but the ships that do the shorter cruises are the Sovereign of the Seas (3 & 4 days from Port Canaveral to Nasasau & CoCo Cay), the Majesty of the Seas (3 & 4 days from Miami to Nassau, CoCo Cay and Key West), the Monarch of the Seas (4 & 5 days from Ft. Lauderdale) and the Enchantment of the Seas (4 & 5 days from Ft. Lauderdale). The major difference we found on the Majesty was that the rooms were very small. Other that that we had a great time, plus there is a casino and other "adult" adventures.

The Carnival Imagaination was our first cruise. We had a very good time there too, and the prices tend to be lower, although you can get some fantastic deals on the shorter RCCL cruises. We just booked some clients on the Sovereign for three days at $165 per person!
The Carnival rooms are much bigger than the RCCL ships mentioned above. The ports are pretty much the same.. Cant get too much variety for a 3-4-5 day trip from Florida. For something a little different, consider the Carnival Victory, out of New York next summer, for 4 of 5 days to Canada. The Victory is a sister to the Triumph & the Destiny. Both very large, spacious, and very nice...

Good Luck

Great Price for Soverign Can I ask is it the time of year that makes it so inexpensive...


We are looking to do a 3 day out of Port Canaveral and have already done the Fantasy

First to ellie and matty's mom. The Disney cruise was wonderful. We did the 4 day on 10/27/02 before the virus started anywhere and I can not say enough about the CM's and the ship itself. It is truly a magical experience. I use to think some of these DIS's were a little zealous about their affection for DCL and their repeat cruises but once you go you are hooked. I did not miss the casinos at all and would not have time to use them with the little ones....there was barely time to eat and sleep :) My DH did some gambling at Atlantis the resort was wonderful and aquariums cool for my young sons.

Mac-TLC-THanks for all of the great information. I have the same question I asked DU to get me a quote for a 3 day Sovereign of the Seas mid July 2003 for the 3 day cruise to RCCL private island and to Nassau for a "larger ocean view" room was $1,039.50 for 2 adults???
Can I ask were your children allowed at ATlantis casino area...

I do like the idea of a bigger room at Disney...
love to know what you find out
please email me
Not sure about children in the casino's but I don't think so. We took our boys to the aquariums and then left DH at Atlantis solo and I took the boys back to the sgip for lunch and a nap.
If you can go during a more off time such as may or october you will get a much better price on SOS. Summer is a busy season, the ship will be crowded and July is so HOT for cruising.Also go to a cruise only internet site and you will probably get a better price. Try or You can then compare dates and prices till you find what you want. We have sailed on Royal Caribbean 6 times and they are great.
My best friend and her family (husband, wife and 3 teenagers) just returned from the 4 day RCCL Majesty of the Seas. It was their first cruise and they had a horrible time. After hearing all the stories, it sounded like a stroke of bad luck and a comedy of errors. After seeing our pictures and hearing our stories from our Magic cruise last year, they hard much higher expectations then RCCL can deliver.

The parents had an "upgraded" oceanview room. It was so tiny that all 5 could not meet in the room to coordinate the day. The pictures show the bed up against the outside wall and the husband had to crawl over the wife to get into bed. They had one small chair next to the bed. They imagined a room like our cat 6 we had on the Magic. The husband said he will never go on a cruise again. (His exact words were, "The next cruise I go on, is when you carry my ashes to scatter at sea.") LOL I've talked my best friend into trying again, so we might plan a girls only cruise.
Royal Caribbean has always had really small cabins, untill about 5 years ago when they finially started making the cabins larger. We sailed on the Grandeur of the Seas and the balcony cabin was about the same size as the cabin we had on the Wonder. So try a newer ship and you will be happy with the cabin size and all that the ship has to offer. Our next trip will be on the Naviagtor of the seas in October.
ellie&mattys mom & buzz&woody'smom ,

That price for the Sovereign was for January .. the 16th to be exact. Was for a category H cabin. I would echo "happylady" and "Bev J" regarding the cabin sizes on the older RCCL ships. The ocenaview rooms are approximately 119 sq ft. To contrast that, the Magic ocenaview cat 9's are about 214 sq. ft. We squeezed four into the Majesty oceanview, but it was a little too "cozy". The newer ships are much better , more like DCL.

We just recently took a family reunion on the Soviergn of the Seas. I was very apprehensive because we have been spoiled on DCL. However the cruise was great. Rooms were very small but the price was fantastic. We did not have high expectations but were pleasently surprised with the overall experience. Hope this helps.:smooth:


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