info for flying fish, narcoosses and cape may, your thoughts?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by phi2012, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. phi2012

    phi2012 Mouseketeer

    Apr 8, 2012
    Hi fellow dissers.

    Im travelling to the world in June and have already made all my adrs but I am now second guessing myself.

    So far we have booked narcoosses for my hubby and I`s anniversary night (no kids :) ), and have cape may cafe booked for one of the other evenings meals with the kids. We have many other restaurants planned but I am wondering about canceling cape may cafe and getting an early adr at flying fish, as all the reviews of it look great.

    If I did this I would also have to pay oop for our breakfast at crystal palace one morning to free up the extra dining credits we would need (or maybe it would be better to pay pop for flying fish as we would prob want starters extra from there anyway, then use the extra canceled credit from cape may on another breakfast at ohana we are already having to pay oop for).

    Or another option would be to cancel the narcoossee meal and do flying fish instead, although both my hubby and I liked the look of that menu to. Either way we would end up spending about an extra $60+ dollars to change the meal and have two starters at flying fish too.

    Ah choices choices :confused:.

    I suppose my questions are,

    Which are better out of the three restaurants, which two would you choose?

    Is it ok to take kids to flying fish, adr would be at 5.30.

    Does flying fish still do the chefs prix fixe meal as it's not shown on allears and that is what we would most want if going oop (know we couldn't get it on the ddp if it was still available anyway).

    Hope some of you guys can give me your thoughts as I just keep changing my mind. :thumbsup2
  2. bluejasmine

    bluejasmine DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2005
    I think the kids would like Cape May better.. There is something for everyone at Cape May from ribs, chicken, mussels, crab legs, shrimp(on certain nights) and much more plus the kids buffet that has mac and cheese, fries, pizza and the chic nuggets..

    Plus the oreo bon bons are amazing! Flying Fish would be best for a date night and I would change Narcossee to Flying Fish, we were disappointed in our lobster at Narcossee it was quite chewy..
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  4. gilsan

    gilsan DIS Veteran

    Apr 18, 2009
    My daughter loves Flying Fish, I wouldn't hesitate to take kids there. I would lean to paying oop for this meal and add your Ohana breakfast. I think you end up with a higher value for your credits this way.

    I don't think your meal at FF with and entree and dessert will cost as much as Ohana and Crystal Palace combined.

    My choices when looking at the menu would total $44 ;) the two breakfasts combined are at least $48 so you would get a better value for your credits, You could choose a more expensive entree and then it would be better to use the credits for the FF, check the menu to get an idea for the cost of your meal

    I love the Flying Fish I highly recommend it :)
  5. Joan S.

    Joan S. DIS Veteran<br><font color=blue>Needs to 'fess up

    Mar 13, 2001
    Hi, Another vote for Flying Fish :) We have always had excellent food and service at The Flying Fish. Great spot for a CELEBRATION,too!! Joan
  6. cathyge

    cathyge Earning My Ears

    Feb 17, 2009
    I would keep Cape May for the kids. Personally I love Flying Fish. We've been there before for our anniversary.
  7. Wood Nymph

    Wood Nymph DIS Veteran

    Sep 19, 2012
    I would keep Cape May for the kids. The food is great and there is a huge variety. There is plenty of food that kids love, too. It would be a little more relaxing at Cape May with kids. Flying Fish is very expensive and seems a little more formal. Cape May is our favorite restaurant at WDW.
  8. JZCubed

    JZCubed DIS Veteran

    Mar 7, 2010
    Each offers something besides seafood.

    1.) Cape May - variety on buffet well beyond seafood.

    2.) Flying Fish - very good, receives more raves than criticism. Fun desserts. And a candy store next door.

    3.) Narcoossee's - if doing Disney Dining, my family's preference for fish - comes with Magic Kingdom Fireworks too. Simply the best Calamari anywhere and the only whole steamed lobster at Disney.
  9. Pakey

    Pakey DIS Veteran

    Aug 29, 2007
    I would keep Cape May for the family meal.

    I like Flying Fish a lot better than Narcoosees.

    If I was paying OOP for an adult dinner, I wouldn't do either. I would go to bluezoo at the Dolphin which is more adult and has better fish/seafood than the WDW owned restaurants (the lobster here is better than Narcoosees).
  10. arcticdisneylovers

    arcticdisneylovers DIS Veteran

    Jan 10, 2009
    We love Narcossee's, it a must do for us :thumbsup2 We LOVE the menu and DD always gets the kid's steak. We were disappointed with Cape May Buffet, we thought the quality of the seafood was poor, the crab legs were especially disappointing :sick: We've never tried Flying Fish, we love seafood but don't eat a lot of fish:confused3
  11. Pumbaa_

    Pumbaa_ >Hakuna Matata!< Moderator

    Jan 7, 2001
    Love FF and Narc! :lovestruc

    Used to love Cape May, but the last price increase pushed me over the top. For what it costs. For 35.99 I can get just about any entree at FF. :thumbsup2

    Another option is to use 2 credits for one adult meal and cash for the other (would work well if you share an appy and dessert)

    Have a great time!:cool1:
  12. Boardwalk529

    Boardwalk529 Mouseketeer

    Oct 4, 2012
    I say FF all the way ;) I've never been to Citricos though, so I can't fairly compare the two. The menu there just doesn't appeal to me as much. I love the food at FF, and the drinks are fantastic! On my last trip I had a martini with pear sorbet, and it was amazing!

    Do not worry about taking your kids to FF. The signatures all have lots of kids, especially earlier in the evening.

    However, if you're only going to FF for the prix fixe dinner, you might need to pass. When I was there in January it was NOT on the menu.
  13. DEA

    DEA DIS Veteran

    Apr 17, 2009
    I love FF and had a great meal at Narcoossee's in January, so I would recommend both of them, and definitely over Cape May for dinner. We take our kids to FF with us and they enjoy it, and are treated very well there, especially by CM Bob. The early ADR is perfect for kids.

    As far as paying for things, signatures tend to be a bit of a trap on the DDP -- they don't usually scale to being twice as expensive as a normal TS meal. Narcoossee's has the highest average cost for entrées at WDW (V&A excepted) according to my latest calculations, so I would say it is the best use for DDP credits for signatures, just because of the average high cost for things on the menu.
  14. PurpleTurtle

    PurpleTurtle Mouseketeer

    May 1, 2008
    My kids LOVED Cape May last time we were at the world. We're going again next month, and we've planned at least once and maybe twice for Cape May dinner (we're staying at BCV).
  15. phi2012

    phi2012 Mouseketeer

    Apr 8, 2012
    Thanks for all the helpful replies. :thumbsup2

    We have decided to keep out narcoosses adr (for our anniversary night without the kids) and change cape may for flying fish. Both my girls although young are really into trying lots of different food, so although they would enjoy the buffet at cape may (we have other buffets booked :) ) I think they will enjoy the different options at flying fish (not just nuggets and pizza) and very much enjoy the puzzle dessert there.

    We've worked out our options of paying and the other restaurants we are eating at to see what way is best to pay for it, and for us doing one adult on the ddp and the rest of us oop works out better, So we can use our credits on other more expensive meals.

    Thank you again for all your replies it really helped us to decide whether to bite thebullet and take our kids to a signature restaurant. :)

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