Inexpensive Restaurant for Breakfast I cannot help you with your question. But this will bump up your question and hopefully someone else CAN help...


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Leah - The foodies on the Restaurant Board might be able to offer more help! I understand that the Trail's End Buffet at Fort Wilderness offers a hot breakfast buffet for $7.25 for adults and $4.25 for children, but haven't ever tried it. Other than that, you can get a continental style breakfast (coffee/juice/milk and pastry) in the parks. For example, MGM has the Starring Rolls Bakery, MK has the Main Street Bake Shop, Epcot has the Fountainview Cafe and Animal Kingdom has Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery. The budget and moderate on-site hotels also offer a reasonably priced breakfast at their food courts, and in general the deluxe hotels have a snack bar, too.

Hope this helps! CindyAnn
We like to grab breakfast at the food court in The Land on Epcot days. Breakfast at breakfast time always seems like such a "time eater" so we usually grab something small at a food court, in the room, or hotel lobby.

The Trail's End Buffet at Fort Wilderness has lots of choices on their buffet and the prices are very reasonable! It's a great place to go on MK day because they have a boat that goes directly to/from MK!

- Rhonda :-)
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We went to Ponderosa, which has a breakfast buffet that ends at 11 am (I think.) Two kids and two adults ate for $12. I believe it was $2.99 for adults. The nice part was we arrived around 10:45, so just as we had finished a plate or two of breakfast, they brought out fresh lunch for no extra charge. Needless to say we ate that, too, and that was the most fulFILLING meal we ate on our trip...not to mention it was guilt-free!

Hi Leah,

If like me you are staying off Disney property, then I too would recommend the Ponderosa Restaurants. The food is good quality and always plentiful.

They charge $3.99 for an adult buffet breakfast that has both hot and cold items, including cereals, fresh fruits, bacon, eggs, sausage etc. to mention just a few items. The choice is large, and although other chains such as Sizzler, Shoneys and such do a similar buffet for the same price, I always find the quality at the Ponderosa just that bit better. The only things you pay extra for, as per usual, are fruit juice and other drinks.

Another good option if you fancy a change from a buffet breakfast is IHOP, which does various set breakfasts all day, aside from pancakes, and the food is always good, if a little more expensive.

If you are on property, I have never stayed at the hugely expensive Disney hotels - can they really be that good ? - so, sorry, I can't help you !

And always remember to use those discount tokens which you can pick up all over the town ! 10 % off over a week or so can work out to a tidy sum that can be better spent elsewhere !

Hope this is helpful !


Less than 24 hours now !! WOOHOO !!

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Yes, I am staying offsite. My husband thinks I'm nuts to plan everything down to where we eat, but, I really want ideas, I'm not writing anything in pen. I'll probably change my mind 100 more times by May!

Have fun on you trip!


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