Inexpensive and easy to wear Halloween costume for adults at MNSSHP??

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by trampslady, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. trampslady

    trampslady <font color=green>I stop and watch the Norway vide

    Feb 11, 2002
    We really want to get in the mood for the Halloween party, but I don't want to wear something hot or that will make moving around difficult. It's just hubby and I...any fun suggestions?
  2. EeyoreJMH

    EeyoreJMH DIS Veteran

    Jan 7, 2004
    Our (adult) group was thinking about wearing tees that are orange and black with "This is my Halloween costume" printed on the front. I usually see these for about $10 each around Halloween. Then we may use some glow-in-the-dark face paint and hair gel to add spooky effects.
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  4. frannn

    frannn <font color=blue>please stop the madnesssss alread

    Nov 2, 1999
    I bought inexpensive mustard colored pants, a red shirt with Pooh on the front, and the headband that has the little Pooh ears on it. I got the headband off ebay, as well as the Tshirt. The whole outfit was comfy, cute, and cheap!
  5. sunkissed212

    sunkissed212 DIS Veteran<br><font color=red>I belong to the Add

    Jun 28, 2004
    Here's a really easy one:

    Buy a green sweatsuit or tshirt and pants. Buy several pairs of those cotton stretch gloves in bright colors. Fill the gloves with cotton batting or tissue paper and safety pin them down the front of the sweatsuit in're an instant catterpillar!

    You can also get a headband and put some pipe cleaners on it for antennae!
  6. crisi

    crisi DIS Veteran

    Feb 25, 2002
    A piece of the fabric you make slips from is really cheap. Cut it into a circle, cut a hole in the middle (for your head) and a few slits (for arms). White and add a halo, you can be an angel. Black and you can be a witch (a hat would help - sometimes you can find the collasable witches hats), red and horns, you are a devil. Its also really light, so it will fit in a backpack - or even a fanny pack.

    Get a big enough piece, cut holes in it all over, and go as "Charlie Brown on Halloween."
  7. buzz5985

    buzz5985 DIS Veteran

    Jul 6, 2000
    I went to Salvation Army last year and bought my DH and DS their costumes. Kaki pants, a vest, White billowy shirt - cut them all up - Pirate. Bought pirate caps from Oriental Trading CO. Cost less than $15 for the 2 complete costumes.

  8. DznyDreams


    Oct 3, 2000
    Wow! You guys are SO creative! How do you do it?

    I just always buy the MNSSHP T-shirts ( a small fortune ) and change in the restroom.

    This thread makes me think that I should rethink my plans for this year. I need low-cost/comfy ideas too, and the Disney shirts, although quite comfy, are far from low cost.

    Keep the ideas coming! This is GREAT stuff.:sunny:
  9. bigsis1970

    bigsis1970 Planning for DEC 2017! Xmas in the MouseHouse!

    Jun 22, 2001
    Hi we are dressing in Hawiian garb.. 3 adts and 2 kids .. the grown ups have hawiian polo shirts from walmart for $5 and tan shorts my DD 10 has the shirt with a grass skirt (shorts underneath ) from oriental trading $8 my DS 8 has a button up hawiian print shirt with tan shorts and a beachcomber hat from oriental trading ($4) and then we have the big assortment of lei's and wristband ($6 ) should be great !! Michelle
  10. Strings

    Strings <font color=blue>DIS Veteran<br><font color=red>I'

    Jun 26, 2003
    It's not creative, but cheap and easy. Get some hospital scrubs, Costco has them, Wear your chils play stethescope, and you are a doctor. Best of all, they make great pj's. You can find halloween prints too! Just make sure to wash them a few times before you wear them, otherwise use some bodyglide.
  11. Dcat2u

    Dcat2u Mouseketeer

    Oct 17, 2002
    One year at work my section bought white sweatsuits from Wal-mart for about $6-7, then bought the black sticky back felt. We placed "spots" all over the suit and went as dalmations, boss dressed as Cruella.

    Proud Wife of a 4ID Soldier!
    WE GOT HIM!!!
  12. disneyg

    disneyg Earning My Ears

    Jun 4, 2003
    Last year we dressed as Mousketeers. We bought white t-shirts and put our names on the front with black iron on letters and we wore mouse ears hats. We got a lot of compliments on them.
  13. maggiew

    maggiew DIS Veteran

    Feb 19, 2003
    That's what I was going to suggest!

  14. kathyclownfish

    kathyclownfish Mouseketeer

    Dec 19, 1999
    Old Navy has black tee shirts for everyone in the family! My DD (12) wore a black tee shirt with kittens on it and cat ears. My mother and I wore black tee shirts that said "Halloween 2002". We wore black shorts, black sandals and cat ears. We put extra silver/gold glitter on the ears so we looked "sparkley". My DS and DH wore Old Navy skelton tee shirts that glowed in the dark. Try Old Navy.....They have some neat, comfortable Halloween stuff!

  15. skiwee1

    skiwee1 DIS Veteran

    Sep 1, 2000
    We too were mouseketeers last year. I saw quite a few.
  16. MCazer

    MCazer Unofficial Travel Agent to My Friends!

    Nov 23, 1999
    For our Halloween cruise 2001, my husband complained that he would only dress up if it were comfortable.

    I went to a local thrift store, bought him a pair of blue polyester pants that were at least 3 inches too short. I picked up a short sleaved collared shirt and he wore a pocket protector and white socks with hit black dress shoes. I stuck a HELLO MY NAME is sticker on his shirt and got a pair of black cheapy glasses with no lenses and put masking tape on the nose piece.

    HE WAS THE PERFECT NERD! He was confortable, it was cheap, and he did not complain once. Everyone knew what he was, and my kids kept saying "Daddy is a Nerd, Daddy is a Nerd" Mommy is a Witch (I was a witch that year LOL) Not a commentary!
  17. trampslady

    trampslady <font color=green>I stop and watch the Norway vide

    Feb 11, 2002
    Great ideas, guys. I was thinking of the Mouseketeer option but hubby is bald and insists his head will sweat in the mouse ears.

    on to another idea....
  18. memymomonica

    memymomonica Addicted to Disney and Proud of it!!

    Aug 21, 2003
    Last year, we all wore Groucho glasses. We had lots of comments. We even wore them in our pictures! They were really fun.
  19. verchad

    verchad Mouseketeer

    May 8, 2004
    A few we have done.

    1. My wife just took some sweats and glued/taped empty candy/gum wrappers, popcorn bags, crumpled napkins, a few M&M's, a ticket stub, and a plastic cup to them. She was a movie theatre floor.

    2. One year I bought some yellow sweats cheap at the last minute. I copied the Logo for the M&M design and cut it out and taped it to my chest.

    3. Her brother has his own "Style" when it comes to fashion, so for a family halloween party she dressed like him and I scanned a picture of his face and printed it out large enough to be cut out and worn as a mask. She wore a plain white tshirt that we wrote some of his favorite sayings on in permanent marker.

    I like the mousketeer idea.
  20. Rhongepooh

    Rhongepooh <font color=red>I must ponder this news<br><font c

    Aug 14, 2004
    Ok, I don't know if anyone else is doing this or not. I tried and tried to think of a comfortable costume that me, both girls (9 &15) wouldn't be embarrassed to wear and that I could get hubby in that was cheap. So We're going to do a whole "slumber party" theme. We're wearing pjs, slippers and bringing small pillows. Cool and comfortable or what?:smooth: :Pinkbounc ::yes::
  21. leebee

    leebee DIS Veteran

    Sep 14, 1999
    Last year I bought a jester's hat from Oriental Trading ($5? and the points light up/flash), bought some purple and gold felt squares at Walmart (20 cents each?). Cut felt into long triangles, glued a glitter pompom to one end. Sewed short end of triangles to collar of a green polo shirt and was a jester (black shorts). Used dd's halloween makeup to do my face too. She was a gypsy...sort of a take-off on Esmerelda and Clopin...colors were "wrong" but the costumes were comfy, cool, easy to pack and fun.

    PLEASE remember that it can be very warm in Florida in Oct. Skip the Pooh, Care Bears and Simba costumes for the kids. 80 degree temperatures (yes, at night) and full body fleece and fur just don't mix!

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