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Sep 22, 1999
Hi there...
We just called yesterday and got the "upsell" rate at Coronado Springs for the first week of April of around $125 (can't remember the exact) a night. But then I just read that as an Indiana resident, I may be eligible for a $99/night rate at the moderates. My friend called last night and they said they only showed it for Florida residents. I'm just wondering if anyone has any more info on this...We would LOVE to get a better deal :).
For anyone interested in the "upsell" friend just called and asked for one and we got it.


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Found out for myself...yes there is a $99 moderate rate for Indiana residents through April 11th...subject to availability. It was advertised in the paper (not sure where since I didn't see it). There is no code, no postcard, just have to prove your an Indiana resident when you arrive! Make sure you say it was in the newspaper!


May 1992 FW Home
June 2000 CBR
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all I have to do is convince my wife (dd is a no brainer :D ) and get reservations before they fill up! I will work on DW tonight :rolleyes:
I just called and there is a discount for moderates at $99.00 per night. You have to mention that it is from the newspaper and there is no code however, they tried to get one out of me and I asked them to look it up since it was not in the paper. It doesn't begin until Feburary 18th. It is for IN, FL, LA, and OH residents only GOOD LUCK!



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