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Sep 2, 1999
Pretty often it's asked on the board where or how to go about getting a good timeshare deal. I got an email from yesterday & they are offering a few timeshare deals... There were two that were VERY VERY good..... The Sunterra Studio & 1 bedrooms are very small, but if you're looking for a place to sleep, this is really good... The Embassy Grand Beach units are all HUGE.... So, if you're thinking of doing a timeshare deal, these are two to look at!

Sunterra Cypress Point Resort
Studio Suite: $15/night for first 4 nights, $25 for any additional nights plus tax (max. 7 nights!).
1-Bedroom Suite: $19/night for first 4 nights, $29 for any additional nights (plus tax). (max. 7 nights!)
2-Bedroom Suite: $59/night for first 4 nights, $79 for any additional nights (plus tax). (max. 7 nights!)
3-Bedroom Suite: $79/night for first 4 nights, $99 for any additional nights (plus tax).

Embassy Grand Beach
1-Bedroom Suite: $20/night for first 4 nights, $55 for any additional nights plus tax (max. 7 nights!).
2-Bedroom Suite: $60/night for first 4 nights, $95 for any additional nights (plus tax).
3-Bedroom Suite: $100/night for first 4 nights, $135 for any additoinal nights (plus tax).
Were you signed up at their website and if so how long ago did you sign up? I would love to get in on this offer. Thanks for any info.
You don't have to sign up to get the info.... Just go to & put in your dates for Orlando... It'll come back with all the rates, including the ones I put in up above... those were the best rates. I don't think you can miss with the Grand Embassy... it's just up from Buena Vista Suites & a very easy drive to WDW...
Thanks for posting this Chris!! I called and booked for four nights for the $20 rate at the Embassy Suites. I'll post how it goes.

The reservationist said that she would have to fax the request to the hotel and that they'd get back to me with a confirmation number as long as they had an opening on those dates. She said that there would be a $10.90 cancellation fee as long as it was more than three days before the ressies. After the three days it's one nights fee. Sounds like a wonderful deal. Helped me convince dh to stay for 9 days instead of 6 days. So I'm splitting my ressies with CS and I'm still paying less with the added days. Thanks.

I know it's a little late to ask, but you did have good experience with them right? :)
Hi Goofyzgurl, Congrats on your upcoming trip! We aren't going back until Thanksgiving time. We booked through HotelKingdom once before & everything worked out great with them... No problems at all....

I couldn't believe these prices when I saw them, made me wish we could go back ASAP LOL... The Embassy's location is really excellent, you'll be darn happy there I bet!
Thanks for the quick response Chris!! I was kind of hesitant when I saw the prices, but the everyone on the boards are so full of good info, so I said what the heck. I'm just still in the clouds because I'll be at Disney World for 9 whole days. For these prices though, I could probably live there! Thanks again for passing along some of the magic.

One more quick question, how was the sell for the timeshares at the Embassy Suites, if you stayed there? Thanks again.
Hey Goofyzgurl,

We haven't done the Embassy's tour, but for that price I'd do it LOL... We are actually set to do the Embassy tour in Maui coincidentally... that's in February & it's saving us over 300.00, so to me, it's worth it!!! I've asked about the Embassy in Lake Buena Vista several times, but they've never offered me a cash rate that I could live with... 199.00/night for a 1 bedroom is too steep for me for offsite!

I have asked around on the DVC board (we're DVC'ers now) & the general consensus was that the Embassy tours could be a tad bit pushy, but nothing like Westgate or Vistana... So don't worry about it, just say No & they'll let you go!! Whatever you do, DON'T ASK QUESTIONS... dear lord if you ask questions they'll never let you go LOL... When are you going???
You all realize this is a timeshare promotion and you have to attend a sales appointment during your trip?

This is tempting though. Has anyone done this before and NOT BOUGHT? Is the sales pitch high pressured?
Yes I did realize that it was a timeshare, but for $20 a night and all you have to do is sit through an 1.5-2 hour presentation one day is worth it for me. I'm sure that a lot of people do say no, so they're used to it.

Hey Chris,
We'll be going the week before and week after Easter, 29 Mar-6 April. I'm so glad that you tipped me about not asking questions, b/c I'd be the one in the crowd asking about this and that :) They'd hone in on me definitely, but we've been looking for a new car, so I'm well versed on the high pressure sales. Hey, I'm going to have to look into the Maui one when we go to HI in July.
Hi Goofyzgurl

I totally agree, 20.00 a night for a 1 bedroom @ Embassy Grand Beach? I'd sit four hours for that price LOL.... The unit itself I'm almost sure is around 1100 square feet, it's huge!!! Really though, don't worry about it being high pressure, because it shouldn't be... But definitely don't ask any questions & tell them you only get 1 week of vacation a year LOL...

Boy, do I have some Hawaii information for you... Are you going to Maui or one of the other islands? I was pretty lucky & had five free nights I could take at the Sheraton in Maui, we're paying for the sixth night.... We are going through a ticket wholesaler to do a 90 minute tour of the Embassy in Maui (right next to our hotel anyways)... To do the 90 minute tour, we are saving 316.00 on our activities... This is actual savings, because these were activities we were definitely going to do with or without discount!!! We are really happy.... I can send you the link we found & the phone number/name of the guy we went through... I think they only deal with Maui though... Each of the islands have timeshare tours I'm sure... The thing is, each wholesaler may use a different timeshare resort... Embassy is a good name timeshare & they don't rely on high pressure, so I was happy to do the Embassy tour in Maui... If you are going to a different island, start doing searches & contacting the different wholesalers to see who they deal with... I wouldn't want to do a tour with a no name resort....

Anyways, we get back February 26th, I'll have to post how the tour in Maui went, although this is a Disney board & Maui isn't exactly Disney related :D Hmmmm.....
Hey Chris, I can tie the Maui trip to DW, the more money you saved there, the more you can go back to DW ;) I would love to hear the info on the Maui tour too. I don't know which island we're staying on just yet. My parents are going with us, it's a family reuion, soooo we'll see. My dad keeps changing the islands on me. Please feel free to email all that info. First the DW trip, now Maui. That's so awesome!! Thanks.
Hi Goofyzgurl,

I don't have your email address, here's mine! I'll give you the Maui info as well!! I like your thinking, more money I save in Maui, the more I can spend at Disney :D I save money all over the place to feed my Disney habit LOL!!!!
When I checked out the prices it listed every night at the promotional rate but in the info on th hotel it said the prices were as posted above, only the cheaper price for the first four days. Has anyone called them and gotten the cheap date for a whole week?
mar3990,Why not book 4 days at Sunterra Cypress Point Resort and the the rest of you days at Embassy Grand Beach ???

Or Embassy Grand Beach 1-Bedroom Suite: $20/night for first 4 nights, $55 for any additional nights plus tax (max. 7 nights!). 4 nights at $20=$80. 3 night at $55.=$165+=$245.+tax

Or Sunterra Cypress Point Resort 1-Bedroom Suite: $19/night for first 4 nights, $29 for any additional nights (plus tax). (max. 7 nights!) = $192.
Mar3990, their website isn't smart enough to change your rate during your stay, but when they call & book your stay through the resort, the proper rate will be applied, there's no way to get around it other than as Tink says, switch between the Sunterra & the Grand Beach
I spend a lot of time at The Timeshare Users Group (TUG). Please know that there are some horror stories about timeshare presentations. They may tell you it's 90 minutes, but you have to spend as long as they require for each step (interviewer, salesman, manager, etc) or they can charge your credit card for the full rate of your stay.

You might want to read this thread from TUG.

I've spent about 15 minutes searching for a really juicy thread over on TUG that I remember reading. It was something like What was your worst timeshare salesman? or something like that and I can't find it. Some of the stories seemed to have an amazing resemblance to hostage stories! ;) Also, don't forget the resort will set-up the tour time. You won't know for sure how long it will take so you can't plan on doing anything afterward.

If you find yourself wanting to buy a timeshare, there is a brisk resale market. Don't purchase from the developer.

I'm not saying timesharing is all bad -- We own a Marriott timeshare on Hilton Head Island (bought resale).
Hi! Thanks so much for the lowdown on the timeshare deals. I was already considering this option and now it is sounding even better! I found the Sunterra info on the site, but nothing on Embassy Grand Beach. Do you have any suggestions for me? Do you know their direct website?

Thanks again for the help!

Mom-to-3, of the stories that you read, were any of them referring to the Embassy tours or the Sunterra tours? Sunterra is a smaller company, maybe higher pressure, but Embassy doesn't really need to rely on high pressure tactics it wouldn't seem.... When you commit to a 90 minute timeshare tour, if you were told 90 minutes & you stayed for 90 minutes, you fulfilled your obligation... Again, the larger timeshare companies will let you go, the smaller ones, well I wouldn't trust them myself!!! This is why I only put the Embassy & Sunterra in my initial post, both are nice resorts with pretty good reputations... There are other timeshare tours on the hotelkingdom website, but I was most comfortable recommending those two... Also, thanks for the link to the Tug message board, it's got an awful lot of other interesting topics besides the resort tours... This is the first time I've seen their boards!

Disneyfan551, at first I couldn't get the link to come up, but here it is!

In order to find it through you have to put in your dates & it will come up in the hotel listing.... look like the two websites work together...
Just print out a list of resales from their resort and take it with you. They will have no real comeback when you show them prices that are 20% of their prices. Good Luck.
Thanks, I'll check it out! I don't know why I couldn't find it earlier???

Have you done either of these 2 timeshares? If so, what is your recommendation?


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