Inaugural Voyage to San Juan Puerto Rico on the Fantasy 11/3/2012

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    Mar 4, 2011
    After more than a year of waiting to be a board the fantasy (Final ship for our grand slam :woohoo:) the wait was finally over. Our day was finally here, November 3rd 2012, this day seemed as though it would never come, but it was time to go and we were ready. :drive: We live in Orlando, so it took us a whopping 40 minutes to get to the port :cutie:

    Once we arrived, we checked in and waited about 30 minutes before boarding. Once on board as with the Dream, the Fantasy is breathtaking! Gorgeous main room. We loved the Peacock elements throughout. The chandelier is absolutely gorgeous.

    Peacock accent rug

    Main Lobby View

    After looking around for a bit, its off to Cabanas for some lunch! Our favorite place to eat on board. Always have so much variety and the food is delicious.

    Bread, french fries and roast beef. The roast beef was too rare for us, but the bites we were able to take were not bad, just to under cooked for our taste.



    Can't forget those scrumptious Shrimp!

    After lunch we waited a bit to go to our room, which we loved. We had room 7152. The area was nice too. No noise and close to an elevator.


    The sail away party was nice as always. Wonderful way to get you in vacation mode! The ship was absolutely beautiful. We enjoyed exploring every piece of it.

    The highlight of the cruise was going to San Juan, which was the reason we booked this itinerary and this date. My husband is from Puerto Rico and I was raised there, so it was ice to be back. We were greeted with traditional music from the Island known as "Bomba y Plena", people dancing and singing. The press was there, local news. We were told by family and friends that we were taped and came out on TV :3dglasses. If anyone has any questions about Puerto Rico, please feel free to ask. We will be more than happy to help. I will also be adding some links where I have already answered some questions and have given some recommendations on things to do. These link also have the navigators for our sailing. It was very hot in PR, even hotter than I remember it. So dress comfortably and drink lots of water. Also, PR is known for its delicious food. If you want to eat off the ship, PR is the best place to do it.

    We did not do any excursions because we were meeting with family and wanted to walk in San Juan and go to the forts, but I am familiar with some of the offerings such as "El Yunque" (the rainforest) and the Bacardi Distillery.

    El Morro

    We did not do much in St. Thomas. We did the excursion to Coral World which was ok, but nothing that really stands out. We then went back to the shops around the ship, but nothing that really called our attention so we went back on the ship.

    we absolutely loved the adult district with all the European countries. All were very nice. We can't wait to go back.

    If anyone has questions, let us know! :thumbsup2
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    Mar 1, 2012
    Great pictures. Thank you. Do you know of any reviews for the Hands on cooking excursion?
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    Thank you for the post. I am on the Dec 15th cruise to San Juan and can't wait! Are those actual snow crab legs on the plate? If so, my son will be so excited. They usually have the stone crab which he does not like. We can't wait to explore old San Juan!
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    We are doing the New Years cruise with the same itinerary. Any restaurants within walking distance of the port in San Juan to recommend for some good local food?


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