In search of Santa, Sleeping Beauty and Snow

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    Oct 14, 2008
    Thought I would have a bash at a pre-trip report, somewhat late in the day as we leave tomorrow morning!


    Me - Nicky, 28 [​IMG]

    This is my second time to DLRP, I went about 9 years ago with friends to celebrate the end of A Levels and we had a fab time! Love all things Disney, but especially love the classics like Snow White, Cinderella, Sleepin Beauty and Mary Poppins.

    DH - Neil, 29 [​IMG]
    First time to DLRP, not as much of a Disney nut, but loves the Pixar films. Being rapidly converted by dd to endure numerous sittings of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, have even caught him singing along to HSM.

    DD - Lottie, 3 [​IMG]
    First time to DLRP and has aspirations to become a princess or a Rat ("just like Remy!") Loves all things sparkly, glittery and princessey, but also loves Mickey and Minnie. A big HSM fan due to having older friends who also love it and she knows most of the songs word for word!

    The Plan!

    Leaving Oxfordshire about 9.30 to allow for the numerous expected "I need a wee" stops enroute to Folkestone where we hope to catch the 15.15 eurotunnel crossing (kindly paid for by Mr Tesco) and then drive to Holiday Inn at CDG where we are stopping for the night.

    Up early Sunday morning for breakfast and then onto DLRP hopefully early enough to still get some use of the EMH. Haven't made any firm plans for dinner yet, we're going to see how Lottie reacts to the characters before booking for Cafe Mickey, so we will probably have an earlyish dinner at Annettes and leave CM for Monday. A wander round the Christmas Market and then an earlyish night before being up early for breakfast and EMH on Monday.

    Hoping to have dinner at Cafe Mickey on the Monday once Lottie has got used to the characters and then we've booked a surprise character breakfast for her on the Tuesday before we leave mid afternoon.

    Lottie would love to meet Sleeping Beauty (her absolute favourite princess) and drop her letter into Santa (she only wants playdoh and cutters wrapped in pink princess paper - could've saved myself a fortune!) and she wants it to snow, hence the title!

    That's about all we have planned so far! Am just printing off the park guides and timetables and we can spend tomorrow evening planning the rest of the time there. Hoping to do some of the more kiddie friendly rides and meet some characters, soak up the atmosphere and have a lovely time!

    I'm working for the majority of Christmas, so this is our mini Christmas really! We've got a few pressies for Lottie to open (a Sleeping Beauty dress!) and wear for Breakfast on the Tuesday.
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    Feb 1, 2007
    have a fab time!!!:thumbsup2
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    Jan 19, 2007
  4. tennisfan

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    Hope you have a great trip:thumbsup2
  5. torsie24

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    May 14, 2008
    Lottie is so cute!!!

    Have a lovely trip!!!

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