IMPORTANT: New policy regarding politics and religion

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Mar 9, 2002
We have worked hard to keep the DISboards a place where people can discuss any topic as long as it's not illegal or profane, and as long as the participants can behave respectfully. Unfortunately, politics and religion often seem to bring out the worst behavior in people. Even normally polite posters find these topics pushing their hot buttons, and frequently lose their cool.

This past election season has been especially bad, and the rudeness and sniping between various groups has alienated posters and exhausted our moderators.

As a result, we are announcing a new policy on the DISboards, effective immediately: POLITICS AND RELIGION are no longer acceptable topics of discussion here.

This also will extend to signatures: no political statements, logos, or slogans are permitted in signatures.

Posts and threads of a political or religious nature will be locked or deleted, and are not to be restarted. We will also be updating our site guidelines to reflect this policy.

There are many sites on the web that welcome discussion and debate of a political or religious nature, but we feel that removing these topics from the DISboards altogether is in the best interests of our members. Thank you for your support and cooperation.
Not open for further replies.


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