I'm still confused!! Does Portofino Bay give a discount with the "Entertainment" card or

Deb in IA

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Aug 18, 1999
OK, based on the information I got here, I ordered an "Entertainment" book. It arrived yesterday. I eagerly flipped to the hotel listing, and neither Portofino nor Hard Rock is listed in the book. But I saw them on the "Entertainment" website that I used to order the book!

Can anyone please tell me if you can get a Entertainment rate at Portofino? I'd like to call today, and I just don't want to sound stupid! <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">



Yes, they do. Not all hotels are listed in each cities Entertainment book; that is why you found it on the website but not in the book. All you need is the Entertainment card to make the reservation. I called 888-UESCAPE to get my reservation.
Just call reservations for the Universal hotels and ask them for the entertainment book rate for the Portofino. You just need to show them your card when you check in. I did this for the HRH last week. No problem. I called the number 1-800-232-7827. Hope this helps.
Hi Deb,

You sure can use your entertainment card for Portofino. As long as your dates are available the discount will be granted. Call! :D The book doesnt offer a coupon for the property and it seems some books actually list the hotel and some dont. All you need is the card in any event. I wish you great luck in getting the discount for your dates. It's an awesome hotel. $160 was the rate I was just quoted for March for a gardenview.

You can also use the 1-800-235-6397 phone number this puts you thru to the Lowes hotels, and they are so nice on the phone! We got HRH for 149 deluxe room for July......
Can you book a room and get the discount, if I haven't received my book/card yet? As long as I have it when I check in, kind of like an AP discount at the WDW hotels.


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They don't ask for your card number. You just have to show them the card at check in. Just make sure to request the Entertainment rate. We got the Garden View room in May @ $117.50/night.



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