I'm so sick today


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Apr 14, 2000
<font face="comic sans ms"> I always get sick when we get home from our 2 weeks in Orlando in January, but this year my internal clock must be fast. :rolleyes: I woke up at 6:00 sick as a dog. I felt better earlier, but I'm feeling bad again. If I'm not better in the morning, I'm going to call a doctor. </font>
GET WELL! That was an order!

Are you still at DW? How horrible to be sick there!
Originally posted by CarolA
GET WELL! That was an order!

Are you still at DW? How horrible to be sick there!

<font face="comic sans ms"> Thanks, Carol. I am still here. I would have to say that being at WDW during most other circumstances is better, but I don't think being sick is one of them. :( </font>
Feel better, honey! If need be, Celebration Hospital is really a good place to go. I've been there twice. Nice nurses, cute doctors. ;)
I was there myself last trip.. I definitely want to forget that experience.. and I did not see any cute doctors... no way. no how..I think thye are good for common colds or allergic reactions.. but I have to tell you they fell short where heart problems are concerned..

Dayna.. hope you feel better real soon. Hugs..
Oh Dayna!!

I hope you feel better..it stinks being sick while in WDW. Hugs and get well PD heading your way!!!
Sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather Dayna, especially while you're at WDW. :( Feel better soon!!
Dayna, I'm sorry you're sick at WDW! :earseek:

What a way to have to spend your vacation! Hope you feel better soon!

Steve, love your new avatar! :D
Hope you are feeling better Dayna! It's bad to be sick anytime but on vacation is worse.

I hope you get to feeling better real soon. At least there are worse places to be than WDW when you are sick :) Make sure Alan Pampers you, even more than he usually does.
Dayna, you get a good night's sleep and I hope you feel better in the morning. Sending some get well pixie dust your way! {{{{{hugs}}}}}}
Dayna, I hope you start feeling better real soon. You can't be sick on Wed!


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