I'm dense. Still don't understand what to pack/wear to various restaurants...


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Nov 10, 1999
I understand what "formal" is. My husband has a tuxedo and I have a cocktail dress.
However, how does one dress on semi-formal night? Does this mean that my husband must bring a tux AND a suit? That's a LOT!

Also - what if you are in one of the dressier restaurants (Lumiere's or Palo) on a night that is NOT formal or semi-formal? Does that mean ANOTHER dress-up night for you?

I thought I was getting a handle on this, but then I read in the cruise brochure that you are limited to TWO PIECES OF LUGGAGE APIECE! Is that true? Do hanging bags count? How in the world do you manage to get pop on board (in a separate piece of luggage) if you have to have formal clothes, semi-formal clothes, casual clothes, dressier casual clothes for evenings, etc.?!!!

On the 1/19 cruise for the semi formal night most men wore the same thing they wore for the formal night. I wore a similar style cocktail dress both nights. You could actually wear the same one (next time I will) and change accessories. We were in Lumieres for the first formal night but jacket is recommended for Lumieres and Palos on any night. DH packed his tux plus a sportcoat and dressier docker type pants - for Palos and the other Lumieres night. For the more casual ding rooms try to pack outfits that can be mixed and matched so you can were them more than once.

Garment bags do count as pieces of luggage. We ended up checking 2 garment bags and a very large suitcase, a duffle bag- for snorkel equip, a smaller overnight type bag, and another smaller bag. There were 3 of us so we were allowed 6 bags to check in. We had planned to check in the cooler but that was not allowed so we had to wheel it around with us after boarding. You really don't need to pack that many short and T shirt outfits. We were planning on doing laundry Thursday morning so I only packed enough clothes to last until then - I brought home at least 3 outfits that I never wore. During the day you stay in your swimsuit most of the time. I didn't believe I would until we were there. Next time I won't pack as many clothes.
We haven't cruised yet. But this is the plan... we are going to get PLAPLAP as our dining rotation. (We are in a Cat. 3 statroom, so this will be our choice)

Evening 1 will be casual, dockers and golf shirts for him, sun dress or such for me.

Evening 2 is Formal night, DH will be in a tux, I in a gown or cocktail dress.

Evening 3 is casual, like night #1.

Evening 4 is the Tropical night, and we will be in our island duds :)

Evening 5 we will be dining at Palio's, DH will either wear a suit or a sports coat with dress pants.

Evening 6 is semi-formal, and DH will be in a dark suit.

Evening 7 is casual, and we will be dressed as we were on evening 1.

You rent the tux, and it is brought to your stateroom, so you don't need to count that in a baggage allowance.

We overpacked SO MUCH last April. This April we are driving and will have NO MORE than one suitcase per person. We each may also have a duffle type bag to carry on. It is do-able. You are only wearing your casual daytime clothing for a short time each day -- and can easily wear an outfit two times. We spent most of our daytime hours in bathing suits and cover ups. For Dinners we will have one formal out fit for the two formal nights and hubby may wear his jacket for lumiere's. We will have one island night attire. And two mix and match casual dinner out fits. So, we will be the one's that you will see wearing the same clothing most of the trip (shhhhh) but we will also have a lighter load to carry on board.

Gee, maybe I could 'loan' you some of our luggage tags, as we surely will NOT be using all of them. We are driving from PA with 5 people -- and will need to be very careful not to pack too much!
That was a wonderful break down for a 7 night- could someone break down the "dress code" for a 4 night dining on the Wonder?
We plan to make ressies for Palos on the last night- double dip with the family early seating then grab some alone time at Palo's later. Please help me pack the right dinner clothes!
No one should stress about their clothes on either the Magic or Wonder. Wear what you feel most comfortable in without wearing shorts. For formal nights you can either wear along dress or a short cocktail dress. I love wearing sundresses, so on less formal nights I like to wear a nice sundress (with a jacket in case I'm cold in the restaurant). For Palo's I wore very dressy sundresses both times.
I agree with MickeyCanada - wear what you're comfortable in (missing out jeans and shorts!). Dress code seems to be the thing everyone stresses out about the most and it's REALLY not necessary. In addition to the usual daytime stuff (shorts, tshirts, swimwear), I just made sure I had a couple of dresses, and pants/jacket/couple of shirts and a tie for DH. We managed fine! (DD was another story but I think it's a rule that 10-year-olds MUST pack their entire wardrobe! LOL)
We've been on 11 or 12 cruises, this will be our first on DCL.
After worrying the first 5 or 6 cruises, and annoying my DH to no end about having a "semi-formal" night sport jacket I finally just looked around. (Ok, ok, it was pointed out!) A button down short sleeve NICE shirt with dockers worked just fine (this is on Princess, NCL and RCCL).

Yes we dress for the two formal nights... And my DD and I wear a sundress every night.
WE finally have a "groove" for packing :) , I really don't want to change it now. No jacket for semi-formal. I can't see a Disney ship being MORE formal than Princess.
But that's just us...
(AND... for what it's worth, I hate pantyhose on vacation :) !!)
For us formal night - really formal = suit or tux for DH , shirt and ties for DS and gown for me and for semi - formal - dress like you are going to a wedding. I was actually surprized this cruise 1/19 that very few adhered to dress code in Lumineres. I really do not care but why have one if not enforced. I rather of dressed casual but followed the guidelines and felt out of place. I was shocked to see open collars and golf shirts at Lumineres on formal nite.l This was a blanent disregard to others on ship. We look over dressed in pictures as the table next to us was so informal. They should of went to Buffet if they wanted to be comfortable as they made many of us uncomfortable.


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