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May 18, 2010
So this trip was booked on a kind of spur of the moment comment last April. Sports I go to were cancelled because the teachers were on holidays so I got bored (and by bored I mean jealous) so I said let's go to Disneyland and well, Momma said yes! I totally wasn't expecting that because we had just been to Florida in January but hey not complaining. I immediately got on to booking and hey presto we were going to the Lion King and Jungle Festival...

So who is we you ask?

Well there's me, 34 year old Disney fan from Ireland. My favourite characters include Stitch, Beast, Baymax, Dopey, Eeyore, Grumpy, Mickey Mouse... the list continues :rotfl2:

Momma, likes the parks, but not as big a fan of Disney as me. Her favourite characters are Grumpy and Dopey. She doesn't like me posting photos of us online so therefore the only one that will appear in photos is my trip mascot a bear named Angel who has been on nearly all our Disney trips since 2003! This is him in Florida last January:

He usually gets more attention than we do as well :confused3:rotfl:

So trip details: This was our 13th Disney trip. We have been to Florida 6 times, Disneyland California once and Disneyland Paris 5 times. We usually go to Disneyland Paris around January because it's quieter and cheaper but this time we decided to go during the summer holidays from August 20th until the 24th. We stayed in my favourite hotel the Cheyenne.
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Feb 5, 2012
I know that feeling :rotfl2:At the beginning of August, me and my friend were both having an off-day at work, and we were both thinking: Shall we just go to DLP, for one day, just to escape it all?! The answer to that was yes :)


Irish Princess because Cinderella said so!
May 18, 2010
I know that feeling :rotfl2:At the beginning of August, me and my friend were both having an off-day at work, and we were both thinking: Shall we just go to DLP, for one day, just to escape it all?! The answer to that was yes :)
It's a good excuse. I blame the karate class for my trip. It's all their fault for cancelling their classes :rotfl2:
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    Irish Princess because Cinderella said so!
    May 18, 2010
    So lets get this started! Day 0... the day before the trip the electricity in our house was turned off for 7 hours :rolleyes: so we just hung around the house finishing off packing until the electricity was back. We were leaving my fur babies at home and my cousin was going to be feeding them so once the electricity was back and the fur babies were all fed and watered we headed for Dublin. We had an early flight so were staying in a Premier Inn near the airport but before we checked in decided to head to McDonalds for some food. Check in was quick and we got settled for a few hours sleep before our flight.
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    Irish Princess because Cinderella said so!
    May 18, 2010
    Can’t wait to hear what happens next!
    I have it started I promise. Will try post first but over the weekend. Apparently my back to school timetable is busier than I thought it would be :oops::rotfl2:


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    May 18, 2010
    Day 1, part 1 :

    We were up at 3am to get ready and on the bus to the airport by 4.15am. We dropped the bags off and headed straight through security and then to get breakfast. We headed to burger king because we figured it might be like McDonalds and have some cheaper breakfast that the other places but apparently despite it being advertised on their menu they don’t do breakfast. I got a chicken royale meal anyway because I didn’t like any other options around but the food was cold :sad2: Momma went elsewhere and paid over 10 euro for a croissant, banana and a cup of tea :eek:

    After that we headed to the gates and found we had to get a bus over to the gate because it was actually in a building with just two other gates away from everywhere else in the airport. Boarding was pretty painless and soon we were all settled in ready to go to Paris but then the flight got delayed because 3 other passengers had arrived to the gate late and were not being allowed on to the plane so they had to take their luggage off the flight for security reasons. Once that was all sorted we eventually got on the way:

    When we landed in Paris the baggage claim seemed to be miles away from the plane but eventually we found it and bags claimed we headed out for the Magical Shuttle stop. The bus was apparently delayed picking us up but I probably wouldn’t have noticed this if they hadn’t pointed it out because I didn’t know what time the bus was at anyway. :confused3 What I did notice though is they tried to stop at the Val d’Europe stop but there was diversions on the road and they had to drive half an hour in another direction to get to that stop which further delayed us getting to Disney and it was super hot on the bus. :sad2: Also some mother started demanding that the bus driver stop because her 4 year old needed to go to the toilet despite the fact there was clearly no place suitable for the bus to stop or for the child to go toilet. She gave out so much though that eventually the bus driver stopped on the side of the road and the child went to the toilet, on the side of the road :rolleyes: We did eventually arrive at the Cheyenne at around 12.30, an hour and a half later that we should have but hey at least we got there :cool1::rotfl2:

    They were only allowing one person from each family in the queue for check in so as Momma needed to sort a disability pass out I stayed with the bags, while she queued. Half way through the line there was a CM handing out forms and Momma thought this was the lady to show the doctors letter to, she wasn’t but when Momma showed her the doctors letter the lady sent her ahead of the queue to another check in desk and they were able to sort out Momma’s disability pass here so we didn’t have to queue at City hall but we did find out later in the trip that she was given the wrong pass. We were grateful for the one she got and it worked fine for us but at least we know if we go again she can get the other one. Anyway when we checked in we were given a room in the Sheriff building so we were right across from reception. As an extra bonus the room was ready when we checked in so we could dump our bags and freshen up before heading to the parks. Momma was delighted with how close the room was to reception as well. This was our lovely room:

    Before we headed to Paris I had heard that queues at the train station side of the village for bag check were taking up to 45 minutes but I had a theory that maybe the back end of the village bag check coming from the hotels wouldn’t be as long. I had also heard that there was a walkway from the Cheyenne that would come up at the back end of the village so we headed off in search of that and there was a lovely little walk along a very green :confused: river that came up at the side of the Sequoia Lodge:

    My theory was right about the village bag check as well because there was no queues there at all :banana: so we planned to use this route every morning and get the bus back in the evening. As we wandered through the village I had to make a pit stop at one of the shops because was a new friend I needed to get because I didn’t buy it the last time I was there and then it had sold out online so after a quick stop Miss Nana came to explore Disneyland with us, just look how cute she is :lovestruc

    We headed to the main park first stopping to take pictures the obligatory of the Mickey flower head and Disneyland hotel on the way:

    Once we were in and I was doing a happy dance down Main Street :banana::cool1::cheer2: the first order of business was finding some food so we decided to try the Market House deli. We have never eaten here but it seemed to have somewhat healthier food than other places and it was close by. We both got a Croque Monsieur. I also found a lone little Lion King chocolate brownie type thing so it may have slipped on to my tray :littleangel: and I loved how even the water bottles had been themed to the Lion King and Jungle Festival:

    We thought the food here was nice and I think Momma liked the fact it wasn’t burgers and chips. When we were finished eating the Jungle Jive was about to start again so we decided to just hang out and watch it. I loved this show, there was music, dancing and loads of colour and characters but I think you needed to see it a few times to get everything in:

    Loved the coloured powder they let off:

    The parade was due to start not long after that so grabbed a spot in front of the castle for that:

    Then we had the usual last minute thing of people at the pack hitting you telling you how dare you as an adult who has waited 45 minutes be in front of them and their family who arrived 5 minutes ago! (Some things never change no matter what season you go ) I did notice that while we were waiting for the parade a photopass photographer was going around with a mouse ears sign saying best day ever and taking pictures which I thought was good. We chose to watch the parade this day because it was a Tuesday and I heard there was a guest star that was a rarer character that would come out before the parade on Tuesdays but there was some parade of scouting children from around the world instead. I later found out the guest star had been out at 1.30 that day because of the children but anyway the parade was still good:

    I was getting arty and trying to get the castle in some of the pictures as well:



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    May 18, 2010
    Day 1, part 2:

    After the parade we headed in to Fantasyland to do a few rides. Momma got a return time for Small World using her pass but it was for about 15 minutes so we just waited nearby and then went on to that first:

    After Small World we found a snack place that had Mickey Waffles and I needed one… :lovestruc They weren’t going to take my money though. At one of the shops earlier on in the day they had given me a 5 euro note held together with cellotape and the girl at the old mill kept asking if I was sure I didn’t have any other 5 euro note. I’m like if there was a problem with it why did they take it in another shop and give it back as change! :confused3 Anyway the Mickey Waffles in Paris are more pancake mix than the American versions but they’re nice and you can get powdered sugar or nutella across them. I went with sugar because I thought it’d be less messy:

    Next we headed to the storybook boats. We kind of felt this could do with closing and repainting though especially the Peter and the Wolf Scene:

    We were both getting pretty tired at this stage from the early start so we decided we’d try two more rides and then look for dinner somewhere so first up we went to get a return time for Pinocchio but they just let us straight on because the wait time was so short. I love Figaro and Cleo on the side of the ride cars:

    Next we went to the Snow White ride and same happened as Pinocchio with Momma’s pass we got to walk straight on as the wait time was so short:

    Love Dopey :lovestruc

    After that we headed through the Castle taking pictures and playing with Snapchat filters along the way:

    We headed out of the Park and to Annette's in the Village for dinner:

    There was a bit of a wait to be seated and at one point we were beginning to think they had forgotten about the people in the queue but they seemed to be trying to clear several booths at a time before letting anyone else from the queue sit. Eventually we were seated and orders taken. Momma got the All American Cheddar Hot Dog, then said she didn’t know why she ordered it because she had already been saying she had had to much cheese that day and this was covered in cheese so she ended up scraping a lot of it off :confused3

    I got the Cheeseburger which is kind of my usual here and no complaints with it:

    Then the whole reason I went to Annette's in the first place I got the cheesiest choice of cheesecake for dessert. Momma ate the ice-cream and I had the rest and it was yummy:

    When we were in Annettes I checked our step count for that day and we were at 14,469, I forget to check it when we got back to the Cheyenne but we got the bus back to the Cheyenne and both pretty much fell sleep the second our heads touched the pillows. :faint:

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    May 18, 2010
    Day 2, part 1:

    Why is it that when you’re at home you have difficulty getting up in the mornings but in Disney you jump out of bed at 6am and get ready no problem… is that just me?! :confused3:rotfl2: Anyway this morning I got up early and got dressed in my best Lion King clothes and accessories as we planned to see as much of the Lion King and Jungle Festival stuff as we could:

    First though I headed over to reception to see what character was there. It was Pluto:

    After that we walked down to the Disneyland Park and headed straight to Frontierland where we went on Phantom Manor first with no wait. Normally we go in winter and the background sky is dull and cloudy, the bright blue summer sky kind of ruins the Haunted House vibe :rotfl2:

    See the January sky seems to fit the theme of the Manor better :rotfl2:

    Last time we were there they closed it for renovations and I was surprised to find they put more of the elevator speech in English. The effects of that were always lost on me because it was all in French and I didn’t know what they were saying. I thought some scenes along the ride were new as well but I might just be remembering it properly :confused3

    Just as we left Phantom Manor, Molly Brown was about to set sail so we got on that we no wait as well:

    Big Thunder Mountain was looking well against the big blue sky:

    Whatever was going on in Disney the water was green here as well for some reason :confused3

    Once back on dry land we stopped at one of the shops in Frontierland and found that a load of the Mickey 90th birthday stuff was on sale so got a notebook, autograph book and a few others which was awesome. We got some snacks on a snack cart outside then for breakfast. Momma got a crepe and I went with the very healthy option of the Lion King Paw :rotfl2:

    And a Lemon Macaroon. I didn’t like the Macaroon though so Momma ended up eating that with her crepe:

    Next we wandered over towards where the Rhythms of the Pride Lands show was supposed to be but we spotted the Trading post was opened so I wandered up there and did a spot of pin trading. The CM was feeling my pin all over to make sure it was a scrapper so I showed him the receipt from Florida! :rolleyes: I wandered in to the shop as well and the still had Vinylmation trading! I had brought Vinylmation to trade but left them in the hotel and I asked the CM if they would be open later in the week and she said they would be open all week. We decided to queue for the Lion King show then as there was already a queue forming and they wouldn’t let Momma use her pass to sit nearby and come back. We went to the 12.30 show though but they stopped half way through and cancelled the rest as they said they had technical difficulties…. What we saw up til then was good though and the costumes were fab:

    We tried to go to the drumming show next but they told us it was only for people who had booked the signature package and to come back later so we wandered off to find somewhere to sit nearby and I spotted Merida meeting in a corner. The CM said she was a surprise meet and probably wouldn’t be there the rest of the week because she would be busy with her brothers so I waited for her:

    By the time I met her it was nearly time for the drumming show but we were hungry and right beside the Cowboy Cookout which we had never tried so we decided to skip the drumming show for now and go get food instead. Momma got the Chicken meal and had no complaints:

    I got the burger meal which was yummy, it tasted like a proper BBQ burger:

    While we were there a little band started up as well and they reminded me a bit of the country bears :confused3 :rotfl2:

    Bellies full we headed back out to the Castle hub because I wanted to try watch the Jungle Book Jive from a different angle. It was 23 degrees at that point though and Momma didn’t want to wait in the heat so she waited in the shade in Agrabah while I went to watch the show. I stood on the hub where the platforms were and it was great because from here you could watch the parade coming up Main Street and then move about from stage to stage. It was a fabulous show so really you would need to see it a few times to capture it all:

    After the Jungle Book Jive I headed back to Agrabah to collect Momma, stopping along the way to play with the snapchat filters on my phone again:

    When I found Momma we wandered through the Aladdin display just because we were beside it and had nothing else to do:



    Irish Princess because Cinderella said so!
    May 18, 2010
    Day 2, part 2:

    After browsing the Aladdin display we took a wander through the shops. I love all the decorative details in the shops in Agrabah:

    After that we wandered over towards the Peter pan ride and Momma got a return time using her pass so we decided to go on Pirates of the Caribbean while we waited:

    After that we used Momma’s return time for Peter Pan:

    Then headed back to Agrabah to get some snacks. This was the most confused snack stand we were at. I think they were switching staff or something but the CM’s were talking to each other and not really paying attention to what was going on so I asked for a Lion King which it was nice btw, it tasted a bit of coconut:

    One CM was telling the other what people were ordering and then taking the money for whatever they ordered so I paid for the Lion King Paw moved to the side. Momma then ordered a Dole Whip float and a banana. The CM that was taking the money in the meantime left and the other other one came out to the side and handed me a Dole Whip float going here’s the Whip you ordered. I was like eh huh?! :confused3 She then went back to Momma and asked if it was just the Dole Whip and Banana she wanted and Momma went no I want the banana on its own. So the CM went oh ok I thought you wanted a Dole Whip, I have it made for you but it’s ok to which Momma responded no I want the Dole Whip and the banana but I don’t want the banana in the Dole Whip :confused: :confused3 I’m not sure who was more confused at this point the CM or Momma but either way I somehow ended up with a free Mango Dole Whip Float, which would have been great except for the fact that ice-cream hurts my stomach :rolleyes:

    Anyway after that pure confusion we wandered over to watch Timon’s Matadance which was awesome and I think Disney totally need to do a CD with the song on it, in fact they need a CD with all the Lion King and Jungle Festival music but that’s besides the point:

    After that we headed out to the hub and at 8 found that people were already claiming their spots for the evening Illuminations show which wasn’t on til 11. Momma found a bench a bit down from the hub but that had a good view of the castle so we decided to camp out there:

    I browsed the shops while Momma sat. They had a few offers in the shops like spend 20 and get a 90th birthday Mickey toy or blanket for 5.99. It was cold waiting for so long so I ended up buying a 90th birthday Mickey hoodie that was reduced and gave Momma the hoodie I had on and a baby Pegasus may have jumped off the shelf in to my arms as well… literally! :littleangel: Ok well it fell as I was standing in front of it but I took it as a sign it wanted to come home with me :rotfl2: look how cute he was though:

    Every single line I seemed to get in in the shops seemed to stop for one reason or other as well! :rolleyes: In one shop I saw a lady getting two tracksuit bottoms and she had the CM cut the tags off and while she was paying an older lady with her brought over leggings so she made the CM refund the tracksuit bottoms and bought the leggings instead. I didn't think it was a very nice thing to do to the CM because she'd already made the CM cut the tags off the tracksuits bottoms as well but anyway. :confused3 Closer to the fireworks I went back to Momma and we had a great view right until the fireworks started and every other person in front of us put their kids on their shoulders so we were looking at kids butts!

    Momma told me to stand on the bench that there was only a grass bank behind me and I wasn’t blocking anyone else's view. A few people tried to stand on the grass but two CM’s ran them every time! Even standing on the bench there was still a kid partially blocking the views:

    I settled on just getting some photos of the top half of the castle:

    There’s a better one:

    Fire, projections, lasers, water fountains, fireworks, castle I mean what else would you want in a Disney show?! :confused3

    After the show we hung back and let the crowds thin out a bit before heading back to the hotel:

    We walked back because Momma didn’t want to get on an over crowded bus. We were in bed by 12.30 and I was so tired I forgot to check the step count for the day! :sad2::faint:



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    May 18, 2010
    Day 3, part 1:

    This morning the boss mouse was in reception so got photos with him before we did anything else :lovestruc

    Took some photos around the hotel as we were wandering down towards the river. They had horses out and you could go for pony rides, I think for around 6 euro:

    We stopped off at Earl of Sandwich on our way through the village for some breakfast. We both got the Breakfast Combo. Momma got bacon and egg on hers with tea and I got ham and egg with orange juice… It tasted a lot better than it looked:

    After that we wandered towards the Studios, taking a few dozen pictures along the way:

    We decided to go to the Motor Stunt show first but got a bit lost looking for it We went down towards Rockin Roller Coaster where the entry was the last time we had been here but it was back by the Studio Tram tour due to the construction going on but eventually we found our way in and Momma got sent to a special seating section because of her pass. Lightening McQueen came out before the show:

    Then it was all fast cars and motorbikes:


    After that we got a return time for the Studio Tram tour using Momma’s pass. We had a bit of a wait so wandered up towards Studio 1 but spotted a little street show where they were “making a movie,” along the way and stopped to watch. It was mostly in French so I couldn’t understand the half of what was going on but took and few pictures and there was a few funny bits like the guy holding the dog made the dog wiz on the car wheel and then literally squeezed the dog out to make sure it was dry :rotfl2:

    As I was taking my pictures I somehow ended up getting dragged in to the show. :confused3 No idea what was happening but I had a line to say and then they said I needed to sing a romantic song :scared1: The guy with the dog sang louder! :rotfl2: It was funny and Momma was raging she didn’t have a camera to capture it but hey! After that bit of excitement we headed back to the tram tour

    Holy wotsits that’s a lot of water :scared1:

    I love the fact I caught the fire in the bus windows in the London scene but couldn’t catch the actual thing happening :rolleyes:

    Next we wandered over towards the Ratatouille area. There was loads of little food huts all around the park with food and drinks from various different countries. It reminded a bit of Epcot’s food and wine festival. We didn’t try anything but did have a nosey at a few along the way:

    French Minnie was meeting near Bistro Chez Remy so Momma went to find somewhere to sit and I waited to meet Minnie. I loved her little Eiffel Tower hat :lovestruc

    After that wandered back towards the Production Courtyard but stopped along the way to grab a snack. I wanted a Forky cookie but they had none left :sad1: so had to settle for a Bo Peep cookie instead. Momma said she was to cute to eat but I managed ok and it was yummy :rotfl2::

    Spotted Woody nearby as well but didn’t manage to get fastpasses to meet him that morning :sad2: but he did pose and wave for the camera:

    As we wandered back through Production Courtyard we spotted a little band of Chefs and waiters playing music. We stopped long enough to take a photo:

    Then we headed to watch the film screening of the Rhythms of the Pride lands which was basically the show from the Disneyland Park on the cinema screen. Next we headed to see Stitch live which I love. Stitch is my favourite and it’s always so funny! :lovestruc After that we headed to see Mickey and the Magician and Momma got to seat in a special area again with her pass.

    Love the Beast :lovestruc


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    Mar 14, 2009
    Great photos! In all the times I've been to Annette's I've never had a dessert.....think that might change in the future, yours looks delicious. Cowboy Cookout looks great too :)


    Irish Princess because Cinderella said so!
    May 18, 2010
    Great photos! In all the times I've been to Annette's I've never had a dessert.....think that might change in the future, yours looks delicious. Cowboy Cookout looks great too :)
    The smell coming from Cowboy Cookout was what lured me in it smelt yummy! The cheesiest choice of cheesecake from Annette's is probably in my top 5 Disney desserts ever! I love it!


    Irish Princess because Cinderella said so!
    May 18, 2010
    Day 3, part 2:

    After Mickey and the Magician we went to try find the Art of Animation show as it was showing up as running on the app but we couldn’t find it so we were pretty much done in the Studios then. We wandered over towards the Toy Story area before we left but didn’t go on anything but just took a few photos as we wandered around:

    After that we headed out to the Village. There was a little drumming show there and some lady juggling bowls so I stopped to watch them while Momma was browsing a nearby soap hut:

    We had no plans for dinner and decided to chance our arm with Café Mickey so we could meet some characters without having to wait in line for 45 minutes. It was about 6.50 ish when we went there and it was very quiet, which I was surprised about. I thought we’d have more difficulty getting in but because we weren’t on dining plan they just asked were we aware of the cost without dining plan and we said it was fine so we were seated straight away and orders taken. I got the Chicken ballotine for starters, it was pretty much just cold Chicken with salad but it was nice:

    Momma got the Duck terrine with orange, she had no complaints about it:

    For mains I got the Pizza Parma which was nice but it was huge for me so I probably could have shared it with Momma:

    Momma got the pan fried Steak for her main but apparently I was to busy eating my pizza to take a photo of it. For dessert though Momma got the fruit salad:

    And I got the Mickey dessert because well you can’t really go to Café Mickey and not get the Mickey dessert now can you. The Mickey dessert was mousse, sponge, fruit bits and something crunchy in it, it was a little weird but nice:

    We shared a bottle of water between us as well. Character wise we saw Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Eeyore and Tigger. All were great and a couple of them we saw a few times. We had the longest wait for Donald and Eeyore.

    The funniest one was Donald trying to get some affection from Momma and she was having none of it:

    Momma thought that although it was expensive that this was one of the best meals she ever had and she doesn’t normal go for the whole character thing so that’s a good review. :rotfl2: After that we walked back to the hotel to walk off some of the food and took pictures of the back of the Cheyenne as we went along the river:

    We were back in our room early enough for us this night and in bed by 10 after 15,640 steps! :faint:


    Irish Princess because Cinderella said so!
    May 18, 2010
    Day 4, part 1:

    This morning we were up and out early as we had to be in the Disneyland Park for an 8.15 breakfast. It was busier than I was expecting it to be in the park that early:

    Breakfast was of course at Plaza Gardens. I went up to the buffet first so I could wait for characters. These were my plates, the sugary roll was weird, I didn't like it but everything else was good:

    While Momma was at the buffet, Tigger and Eeyore came around but the people around where we were sitting were all lovely and everyone was helping each other get group shots and what not so a nice lady took my photos for me:

    These were Momma’s food selections. She also got some fruit in a bowl as well:

    Character wise we also saw Mickey, Scrooge and Goofy but we had a bit of a wait for Goofy. While we were waiting we noticed a family of 3 sitting in a corner near us had come down from the buffet with like 4 plates loaded with bread, ham and cheese and proceeded to make ham and cheese sandwiches and pop them in a bag to bring with them which we thought was hilarious! I know it’s expensive there but still the way they were hiding in a corner doing, maybe w're just easily amused but we thought it was hilarious! :rotfl: We liked the food and they cleared the whole place before letting the next breakfast sitting in so we were almost the last to leave! After breakfast I went to see a tubby little cubby, who was being all super cute and fun that day. He kept trying to get people to do different poses for the pictures and there was this one family of all older adults before me that were not getting what he was trying to do at all as he tried to rearrange them so everyone could be seen for the photo so when they left he sat on the ground like as if he was exhausted from trying to sort them all out :rotfl2:

    After that we wandered down towards Phantom Manor to see if Phantom Mickey Mouse was out, he was in his Big Thunder Mountain outfit instead though. Mickey Mouse was getting the ladies to kiss his nose as well, I kissed his nose and ended up with a cold sore two days later… moral of the story, don’t actually kiss the mouse’s nose or if you are doing to bring a sanitising hand wipe or something to clean his nose first :scared1:

    Next we headed to queue for the first Rhythms of the Pride Lands show again since it stopped the previous day we’d tried to look at it, but we spotted Jessie out on the way so Momma went and joined the Lion King queue and I went to meet Jessie. Jessie was super slow though and next thing Momma started ringing saying they’d let her in so far and wouldn’t let her go any further until I was there. I started to panick cos I’d have to push past people to get out of the Jessie line and I was nearly at the top, it was a super hot day and didn’t want to disturb the whole line so stayed there and met her but then ran to the lion king line all panicked :sad2:

    Turned out there was no need to worry though because they had let Momma in as in they’d moved the lines up but just hadn’t open the doors to let the entire crowd in yet and Momma hadn’t explained this. When they did open the doors the CM tried to make us sit on the top tier of the seats but I said Momma wouldn’t be able to climb all those stairs and showed him her pass so he let us sit near the front and the show didn’t stop this time :cool1:

    After the show we got a donut and slushy on a snack place nearby and went to sit in front of the Cowboy cookout place to eat them:

    The cart we got them on wouldn’t take large notes and we found most of the snack places wanted near enough chain to the actual cost, like if you were getting a donut for 3.59 they wouldn’t take a 20 euro note. But anyway next we queued to watch the drumming show and while we waited I took photos of the Lion King Topiaries:

    The drumming show was less a show and more one drummer teaching rhythms to the children so we watched for a little while then left:

    Next we went to watch the Matadance. They were giving badges to people that took part and I wanted one so we decided to stay for two shows in a row to see if I got picked. I was trying to watch where they were picking people from and we sat over near the right at the front hopeful but no luck :sad2:

    After the second show we watched someone hit me on the back and told me to move that they wanted to put their pushchair at the front so their child could see. We hadn’t decided if we were staying for a third show but when that happened I got a bit annoyed. I stood up to see who had hit me and the child in the pushchair was actually fast asleep, so they were shoving a sleeping child in to the front row! I asked how the child was going to watch the show with the eyes closed and Momma told them they were the rudest people we’d met all day and in pure grown up style we stomped off to find something else to do! :headache::mad: We went to find Mickey’s Philharmagic, which was very well hidden, but good when we found it:

    We went on Buzz Lightyear as well while we were nearby it and I won, Momma always says I cheat but I just keep hitting the trigger like a mad woman :confused3:rotfl:



    Irish Princess because Cinderella said so!
    May 18, 2010
    Day 4, part 2:

    After Buzz Lightyear we decided it was snack time so headed to Victoria’s to try their pastries. We got a plate of 5 to share. They were very small but all quite nice. There was a lemon meringue, chocolate, a creamy one and two fruity ones. The lemon meringue was my favourite:

    After that we headed back to the Matadance to see if I could get picked for to dance. We watched two in a row and the first time sat down at the front. Before the second one Momma commented that they were picking people standing more than sitting so to test her theory I let some kids sit in front of me and I stood behind then and finally on the last show of the day I got picked to take part and got my Matadance button :cool1::banana::cheer2:

    Day made we headed back in to Fantasyland to do a few rides, the wait times were about 20 minutes and we used Momma’s pass and both rides they told us to come back in 15 minutes. First we went to Pinocchio again:

    While we waited in between rides I took some pictures around Fantasyland, mostly of the back of the castle :lovestruc

    Next we headed to Snow White:

    After that we left the park but as it was our last night :sad: I took a million pictures on the way:

    I love the entrance to Adventureland in Paris :lovestruc

    I stopped off at the shop to pick up photopass card as I’d gotten quite a few pictures at that stage and bought some last bits and bobs then headed out of the park towards the village:

    I was hungry now and Momma said she didn’t want any food so I got a chocolate waffle at a food stall rather than wait anywhere for food:

    Then as we walked down through the village Momma decided she was hungry so went in to New York Sandwiches and got a roll. She ate half and kept the rest for the next day:

    After that we walked back to the hotel and after 17,877 steps we fell in to bed! :faint:


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