If you change planes on SW do you pick up your luggage at the stop?

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by bcinohio, Jul 27, 2010.

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    This maybe a dumb question but I don't fly a lot. We are looking to fly SW the last week of March next year. We have only flown nonstop flights. I see a lot of one stop flights but not nonstop. I don't know if they go the fastest as soon as they open the dates or not. My question is if you take a flight with 1 stop and change planes do we have to go pick up our luggage and check it in again at the stop or do they transport it for you? Some of the fares with 1 stop are a lot lower and I just wonder what the hassel would be to change planes. I prefer nonstop (don't really like take offs and landings) but also need to be budget wise. Also how far is it usually between the gates? If I have to take a 1 stop flight should I make sure there is at least an hour between? What do you recommend?:confused3

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    Luggage is transferred for you on a connection outside your carry-on and sometimes gate checked (this varies by airline/airport).

    Gate distances vary depending on the airport connecting in and timeline varies by airport. A 45 minute connection in DCA or MDW would be fine in most cases, but a 45 minute in ATL is a nightmare if you have to change terminals.
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    When you change planes for a connecting flight, you do not leave the secure area and you do not need to go through security again. Your luggge is transferred from your plane to your next flight. You do not handle your checked baggage again until your destination.

    As stated, gate distances will vary by airport, but there are usually within the same terminal.
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    Jul 2, 2010
    My wife and I joined my parents on a trip to Hawai'i not too long ago. We would fly to my hometown to meet them and fly out as a group from there. My mom had her travel agent book the tickets. The agent found a good deal on an early United flight, recommending my mom get southwest tickets to LAX. She did that, which unfortunately meant having to leave security, claim our bags, walk allege way around to the other side (sw and united terminals are on opposite ends), re-check our bags, and go back through security. All because other airlines won't accept luggage from southwest (or vice-versa). What a miserable way to start a trip to paradise. Combine that with delayed flights, the rental car counter closing before we got there, and our lei greeting already gone as well, and you can imagine it took a few days before we could truly appreciate paradise!

    Long way of saying that there isn't any issue between connecting Southwest flights, but prepare for fun if you try to connect from SW to anyone else.

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