If You Are On a BUdget Don't Order PIZZA to Your Room!!!


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Aug 25, 2000
WE did this through an onsite Pizza Hut at HIFS 3 medium Pizza's cost $70.00 !!!!

At home it would Have cost $20.00!! :eek:

Yikes! To that warning I would also add - don't order room service. We ordered breakfast (eggs, bacon, toast for 2, and OJ) through room service at the Beach Club and it was $47! Also, did room service dinner one night at the Poly (a burger and a kids spaghetti) and it was $36!

You must alway be careful using in room dinning.
It can be very expensive.

The pizza though, that is VERY HIGH
How on earth could they charge $70 for 3 pizzas!
That is insane. :eek: Did you complain?
(hey that rhymes :rolleyes: )

We are staying there in October. You can bet we wont be ordering in!

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before I looked at the bill,it had 18% gratuity add!! I didn't complain. I was too busy recovering from food poisioning!the next day and a half!!

Oh Tink! That's terrible!

You were a total victim of WDW ticket shock on your vacation. First the $600 car and then the $70 pizza.

-- Robin
i did dominos on my last trip and for a pepperoni pie and 2 liter coke it was $30. Choke and gag. :eek:

Thanks everyone and have a magical day.

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Hey tink,
what was the average cost for 2 adults to eat a meal at HIFS? I know kids eat free - and breakfast is free.

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Yes, it's all the taxes that they add which makes them skyhigh! I found that out one year too. My two rules: Don't order room service and leave the in room mini bars alone with all those snacks and drinks! A two dollar beverage will end up costing five dollars! ;)
That is so unfortunate about the room service charge and subsequent illness....sorry to hear that.
Definitely avoid room service if you are on a budget!!!!

You can go down to the Pizza Hut/A&W food court there at HIFS and 1 adult and 2 kids can eat for $4 and 12 cents. I did that a couple times last spring break with my boys.

I would order the hamburger meal (burger, fries, drink) for myself and the boys each got a personal pan pizza and a coke.
little higher priced, but a better deal!! And the Gift shop had sub sandwichs that were excellent. We didn't do sit downs there as we were 4 adults[dd 14 was concider an Adult]and a 13mo.old.

Consider Buying the Aqua?[something not the one, that starts with a "Z"]bottled water and your favorite soda to keep in the refidgerator.

The Wal-mart has 24oz. Aqua water this is a better size than the smaller one, you will go thro 2 of them to 1 of the 24oz. And get the $3.00 bottle straps to carry the water bottles,even kids like this!!

Oh and If you want a trerific cheap dinner, buy the Walmart 3 foot Sub sandwichs,they had ham,turkey,cheese,and good roast beef all on one sandwich. WE took it back to the room cut them in 3" sections and it was one of the better meals we had!!

Oh, and always take fruit over fries,it cuts the thirst better,than water or soda. The Electric Umbella had the BEST fruit plate!!!

We ordered Pizza Hut and NEVER paid anything like that. We ordered 3 large combos and it was like 40.00 (without the tip).


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We won 3 medium pizzas playing bingo and kareoke. We also had the buffet once, $27 for a family of 5, and the A&W once for a total of $8, and had lunch in the dining area by the pond and it was around $12 for the 5 of us. We only had positive experiences on our last trip, and I hope to repeat all of it in 10 days.

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Do you still have your receipt? It might be worth a call back to the Pizza Hut in Florida to find out why the extreme charge. Maybe it was a mistake.

... Spoodles has a pizza window facing onto the Boardwalk. It's open pretty late, and the prices are very reasonable, about $14 for enough to feed 4. It's good stuff, too! This is the same pizza you will get through Boardwalk room service, but of course, that will cost MUCH more due to the service charges.

Oh, tip about minibars: if kids get into them and you don't want to pay those prices, put a note on the bar asking that it not be refilled, then go buy exactly the same product and replace it yourself. This will not work on checkout day, of course, anything that's missing when you leave, you WILL have to pay for. Doesn't always work (they may ignore the note), but it's worth a try.
skeezixspud--If you're afraid of your kids raiding the minibars most hotels will empty it for you (may be a charge).
Wow! that makes the foodcourts at the All-Stars look good. I'll never complain again about the price of food in the parks. Thanks for the warning.


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We were just up in Canada and were charged what I thought was a very expensive $50 CANADIAN for 2 medium pizzas...I really gagged when I found out that was the US price..but I guess I should be glad it was less than $70 WOW!


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