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Discussion in 'The College Board' started by kandeebunny, Apr 23, 2005.

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    Mar 13, 2005
    I am taking my mom and either DBF or Best Friend (depends who can save up for the flight and can get off of work) to Disney for X-mas (Dec 17th-22nd) Everything is my treat except for the flights. It will be DBF's first trip in 5 years and Best friends first trip ever. I have a choice or resorts as I have 2 reservations at the moment, Shades of Green for $102 a night (includes parking) or POFQ for $119 a night. The price difference isn't that big, and I'm thinking about doing POFQ so I can do the ticket and dining package, but I am unsure. DBF eats a lot, mom and I do not, should best friend come she doesn't eat much either, but at the same time I would rather not have to worry about the price of the entree everyone was ordering and have it all prepaid. Any ideas on this? Also any suggestions of must-do's or must-eat's for first timers or people who don't get to go often? DBF will be finishing college in Dec and looking for a job so it would be his last chance to go for awhile. None of us do the coasters. I was also thinking about the CP package and MVMCP...are these worth the extra $??? I'd love any suggestions, this is the first trip with someone other than family for me!

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