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    Jan 27, 2006
    I am sad to hear VMK is closing I have a little guy who plays non stop and is upset about this. This game helps me get over missing Disneyworld when I am there and I am very sad. We have wrote the company and cried but alas all we can do is hope.I just wanted to say I am a vmk fan and a toontown fan and I understand that many of you might feel it odd to join toontown. When I went from toontown to vmk I did not understand the game at all. I told my son what is the point of playing the games and buying clothes and such. I did not get the quests and such. I have played toontown for about 2+ yrs now and I love the game. You all strive for your collections of rooms and magic pins. People that play toontown strive for the high laff points and the bigger gags. You do quests to earn your items. Toontown players do toontasks for laffs and silly things like making your toon small. You have your rooms, we have our estates. You can shop for clothes and we can shop for everything as long as we have beans.The huge diff I see is you can openly chat with everyone and We have to be True friends with the person in order to open chat. I want you all to know that if you decide to give toontown a try and want me to show you around let me know my toon now sits at 131 laffs and I have all my gags maxed. I will be a good friend to you and please know that vmk will always be in my heart.
    vmk name toonhound
    toontown name sleepyone.

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