I was just wondering... Where are you from ** Updated**


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Dec 24, 1999
I was just wondering where everyone is from... I was also wondering if we cover every state and how many dofferent countrys... SO let us here from all of you...

Sandy and I are from New Hampshire... for now;)

After looking it over and checking the replys... We have covered 26 States... Little over half... So let's here from the rest ....
The Big O -- Omaha. (SW Omaha)
Going east about 10 miles from my house I would cross the Mighty Mo (Missouri River) into Iowa. (Hhmmm.. More like the Muddy Mo. ;) )

Just south of Richmond, Virginia here.

Sue Ellen
O-H I-O ........go bucks.....originally from columbus....living in akron...moving back to cols, or orlando neat dec.....:)
While I'm sure many of the kids I work with think I'm from MARS
I actually hail from somewhere in the center of CT.

I'm from the town that Paul Newman once said is the armpit of Connecticut. I don't buy his salad dressing so he should stay out of my town anyhow, the stuck up rich guy.
I bet he never even went to WDW so he doesn't know anything anyhow.
I live in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where PT Barnum said there was a sucker born every minute. We all know he wasn't talking about us, he was talking about Paul Newman.
I live just beyond Hope ( Maine, that is). Some people say I live in No.Hope ( as opposed to South Hope)... and that just about does it for the "Hope" jokes. Don't laugh too hard. Most of the scenes for "In the Bedroom" were filmed in our vicinity.
I live in Annendale, Virginia, but, as I always say when asked - I'm FROM Stamford, Connecticut - and very proud of it!!!
Sanfran.... you are in Akron now!!! and you did not tell us here in Northeast Ohio!!!! I will PM you...

I am from Garfield Hts Ohio... 6 miles south of Downtown Cleveland.

I'm from Johnston, Rhode Island.......20 minutes north of Providence. And yes, Providence really is as pretty as they show it on TV. :D

And no...I don't have A Rhode Island State pin to trade. I didn't even get one for me. :(
We live outside Springfield, MA - the forgotten end of Massachusetts since it is 90 miles from Boston. It's ok - we have gotten used to the ribbing we folks in western MA take - but that "Big Dig" mess in Boston is taking away needed funds from all the important things we need to accomplish here at this end of the state. Enough politicing - but now you know where Springfield is - also home of the Basketball Hall of Fame!!!
I am from Nottingham, Maryland - it use to be called Baltimore, but changed the name a couple years ago.

And like Nat and Sandy - for now.

I live just beyond Hope ( Maine, that is). Some people say I live in No.Hope ( as opposed to South Hope)... and that just about does it for the "Hope" jokes.

Mainepal, you do live beyond Hope about 3300 miles beyond... :D Well, from this Hope at least (who has heard her fair share of "Hope" jokes). I'm in Bellingham, WA which is about halfway between Seattle and Vancouver, BC, Canada. Water on one side, mountains on the other.
Born and raised in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. For those of you who don't recognize the name, we live right in between Williamsburg and Virginia Beach.
Still live here with my wonderful wife, Linda, who is originally from SC, but has lived in Virginia a majority of her life. She was an Air Force brat.
Near Chicago, Dan Murphy and about 5 minutes from O'Hare Airport. Makes for easy flights to Orlando! :smooth:

I'm from the sunny seaside community of Marshfield, Massachusetts or as we prefer to call it "Where?"

Just about 15 minutes north of Cape Cod.


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