I was invited by Rhonda to come visit the camping board....Im staying in Fort wilderness cabins in a


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Feb 2, 2001
Well as i said in my message on another chat board,
I will be taking 3 of my firends to Disney in August(their paying for themselves of course :))
and 2 of them have never been, so i am hoping that they will love the cabins. I also am open to suggestions from anyone on how to make their first visit to disney magical and memorable....
I think i am more excited for them than they are!!!!!!!
Jason :D <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">

Jason :P

Edited subject line only to correct Rhonda's name :rolleyes:

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Anyone who has some ideas (That i have'nt thought of already)on how to make 2 of my friends first visit to Disney Magical and memorable!?!?!?!?!?

Jason :P
Hi! Welcome to the Camping Board! We're happy to have you here! Like I said before - you will all have a great time there!

Here's some of the things to do:

The Meadows Recreation area has a pool, arcade, bike barn where you can rent bikes to explore the campground and trails and golf carts, they also rent canoes & paddleboats to explore the little river that runs through the campground. They also rent fishing equipment to fish in the little lake (catch & release only). There is also a Trading Post there that carries limited groceries (frozen burgers & steaks, dairy products, eggs, bread, snacks, etc), souvenirs, Disney clothes, toys, candy, etc., and they also have fresh coffee, tea & hot chocolate. You can fill your refillable mugs here with hot beverages.

Down in the Settlement Depot area you will find: Pioneer Hall (where the Hoop-dee-doo dinner show is!), the Trail's End Buffet (they serve all 3 meals buffet-style at very reasonable prices. The food is good and the atmosphere is fun!), Crockett's Tavern (full service bar, they also serve pizza and appetizers). Crockett's Tavern has a front porch with rocking chairs - it's very relaxing to sit there with a drink and watch the people go by, while listening to country music! The Trail's End will refill your refillable mugs with hot drinks, as well as sodas or pink lemonade.

Behind Pioneer Hall is the petting farm and blacksmith shop. They also give pony rides here to little kids.

The Marina is just few steps away. You can rent water mice here! They're a lot of fun! They're little speed boats - and you can drive them all around the lake by the MK! You can catch the boat to the MK and Wilderness Lodge from here too.

There are nightly hayrides that take off from in front of Pioneer Hall. There's the campfire program over in the Meadows area - it starts with a singalong around a big campfire where you can roast marshmallows, then they show a full-length Disney movie on the outdoor screen.

Don't forget the Electrical Water Pageant that comes by the beach at 9:45 every night! You can also get a great view of the MK fireworks from the beach!

There is so much to do - I know I've forgotten something! LOL! You will have a great time!

- Rhonda :-)
Camping Board Co-Moderator
Thanks for the info i printed it up. But i was also wondering Special things that i could do out side the resort? Any more ideas let me know!

Jason :P
Ok everybody! Let's help him out here! Let's see....special things at WDW...hmmmmm. LOL! Everything's special at WDW IMHO! :D

I don't know what kind of budget you are on - but that will make a difference as to what things you'd like to see/do. There are many restaurants that are fun to visit - if you're planning on eating any of your meals out. The character meals are fun - for adults and kids! I would highly recommend the Hoop-dee-doo dinner show (and it's convenient for you because you're right there at FW!). The food is very good (all you can eat ribs, chicken & "all the fixin's") and the entertainment is fun!

All the fireworks shows are great! I prefer to watch the MK fireworks from outside the park, from either the beach at FW or the beach at the Poly resort. That way, you don't have to fight the crowds afterwards!

When you're at Epcot, grab a table by the water at the Cantina at Mexico around 7:30-8:00 or so, and get some nachos and a margarita (or pop) and relax til the show starts at 9:00. You'll have a great view from here, and it's a nice way to relax after a busy day at Epcot!

Spend an evening walking around the Boardwalk!

- Rhonda :-)
Camping Board Co-Moderator
Try Disney Quest at Downtown Disney. It's more than an arcade. There are great attractions inside. You can design and ride your own roller coaster, take an annimation class and get a printout of you drawing for about $4. There are virtual reality attractions and lots of the latest arcade games.

Maybe a night at Pleasure Island. Try the Adventurers Club.

I think you're never too old (or young) for a Character meal. Take the boat over to the Contemporary Hotel and visit Chef Mickey's for dinner. When I take my 14yo son and his friend the first thing they want to know is when we're going to Chef Mickey's. They also like to stop by the arcade downstairs while I shop. Time dinner so you can go up to the California Grill and watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the catwalk.

Crowd in a booth and have your pictures put on stickers. Great for use on postcards home.

Send yourselves picture emails from Epcot. Great trip reminder when you open the mail on your return home. (you can do these individually or as a group - I vote for at least one group photo)

Have your picture taken by one of the street photographers and buy a copy for each of you as a rememberance. (or buy one and copy it when you get home)


All ride together on the RnR coaster (or the other picture rides) and each of you buy the ride photo. ( you should keep riding until you all get one you like :D)

I'll keep thinking. Maybe a little more info would help. What age group? Favorite things to do? Anyone interested in theater, animation, etc.

Hope this gives you some ideas.


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Thank you both for your ideas...Well we are all in our 20's (21,25,28,28). We are going to go to PI at least 2 nights. I was thinking about a fireworks cruise. And we are also going to do some NON-Disney stuff, like we are going to go to Universal Studios one day and I want to take them to Old Town(have any of you been to old town?)
and we are going to go to St. Augustine the day before we go to disney. I went to this web site that had pictures of the FW cabins and they are nice (except the one pic of the living area had a pink and blue sofa lol) well if you come up with anymore ideas for "Jason's Magical Memory Project"
(lol) let me know....thanks :D

Jason :P
This is just a tip, and you may already know it, but if you're going to go to Universal for a day, don't buy the Unlimited Magic Plan (the length of stay passes). You'd be better off with hoppers, cause otherwise you'll be paying for things you're not using. Get yourself a good guide book too, like Unofficial Guide to WDW. It's invaluable when planning a trip.



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