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Jul 4, 2000
Well I switched my ressies from POR to 2 rooms at the All Star Sports. The good thing is that they let me keep the code I originally booked with which I did not think would happen since it expired. So I got the 2 rooms for only $39 more than I was paying for 1 room at POR. I'm very happy now since I was more than neurotic about the Sept weather and having to sit in our room for days. Now if a storm/hurricane comes we won't be tripping over each other. ;)


Off to Neverland.....
Nov 20, 2000
Good for you! I was thinking about changing my ressie's from POLY to BWI for our SEPT trip and was very happy to hear that you had no problem chaning your ressie even after the code expired! Thanks for the info! :)


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