I saw a free video ad for US/IOA/HRH/PB on HGTV

The Mystery Machine

Sunrise at my house. :+)
Jan 4, 2001
Has anyone ordered this video? My guess is it is just like the WDW video. Boy oh boy did they plug the FOTL deal in the commercial.

HRH/CBR June 2001
I just saw the commercial on TV to order this free Universal planning video - I have one that I received several months ago (it's pretty brief, compared to the one WDW sends out) but I'm going to order another one - maybe it's different now!

Oh, the number to call is 1-888-353-5650
I got the brief free one that talks about AAA and then they sent me a longer one also. I also ordered the 2 long ones that you pay $18 or so for. If your interested I'll try to look it all up for you.
I just checked and see that I have the brief, 12-minute AAA version, as well as 2 other VHS tapes on Universal (one is from 1994 on Universal Studios, with John Forsythe narrating, 60 minutes; and the other is from 1999 on Islands of Adventure, 30 minutes)

You mentioned another, longer version - where did you get that one?


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