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Mar 15, 2001
Hey everyone!! I'm working on planning a trip in May for my family, and I thought that it would be fun for everyone in the family, including my little brother who is 4, to be looking for the "overlooked" attractions at Disney parks. This is where you all come in! Can you all tell me some fun/interesting things to look for in the parks or at the resorts? It's my step-dad and little brother's first trip, and I want to make it memorable! I thought that maybe one day we while we were waiting to see a show, or just while we were looking around, to find some of the things we would normally miss! All of your input is greatly appreciated, and if anyone knows of any good websites, or of things they found on their own, I would LOVE to hear it! Thanx a bunch! :D

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At Ft. Wilderness, there's a delightful petting zoo, featuring a spotted cow named "Minnie Moo" who has a big Mickey on her side. A farmer donated her to WDW several years back.

Over near the Disney Institute, around the "treehouse" area, there are PEACOCKS! Just walking around (or sometimes, even, flying) and looking spectacular. Careful, though: they can be snippy.

At the Wilderness Lodge, there's a geyser that goes off every hour...and a stream that flows through the lobby right into the swimming pool outside!

Near the Grand Floridian is the wedding chapel, and if there isn't a wedding going on you can take a peek inside. It's pretty, and pretty ROMANTIC -- with a postcard-perfect view of Cinderella's Castle through the window behind the altar :D. If there IS a wedding going on, step back and enjoy the spectacle. You might even see a big mouse and his girlfriend!

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Try this link - I hope it works! http://www.wdwig.com/ola.htm This site is Deb's Unnoficial Walt Disney World Information Guide (WDWIG) It has a great list of TONS of overlooked attractions in MK, Epcot,MgM, the resorts, AK etc. It's funny that I saw your post, as I was going over this list earlier planning our May trip! Have fun!
Hi! We were there for the first time last month with our 4 1/2 yr. old DS. We would recommend the Pirate Cruise at the GF (call now...reservations are a must and they go super fast), the Family Magic Tour at MK, and the Sword-in-the-Stone ceremony.
Family Magic Tour: We did the 9:30 a.m. tour...met at City Hall inside MK. They had juice and coffee for us before the tour started. Our tour was looking for ways to "save MK from Malifecant's evil spell" - we had to skip, jump, look for hidden symbols, etc. in our effort to save MK. (You also get a 15 min. break for restrooms or to grab a quick drink.)
Then at the end of the tour, a Disney character came out to congratulate us on saving the Kingdom...it was Belle for us. (Sometimes it's Peter Pan or another character...you never know in advance which one). For my son, Belle was the best, because he loves "Beauty & The Beast". She was absolutely wonderful...took lots of time with the kids for pictures and autographs, then we got to go on the Jungle Cruise ride with her...walked right up to the ride (she was holding my son's hand) and got on...no waiting...it was great!
Sword-in-the-Stone ceremony: They hold this several times a day (check your MK map that you get just inside the park...it should have times listed for when you're there). It's behind Cinderella's castle and near the carousel. Merlin the magician comes out and does a little show, picks a child to pull the sword out of the stone. He picked our son and it was the absolute highlight of our trip. If you want to see pics, go to: http://glenelg.homestead,com/WDWSwordCeremony.html
Sorry for this being so long.....hope you have a wonderful time!

Forgot to add, our suggestions were more "planned activities", not just for when you're waiting for a show. But thought since your brother was about the same age as our son, you might enjoy these, too. Have a great trip!


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