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    Jan 17, 2005
    :confused3 How old do kids have to be to participate in the "free" child care and activities on the ships? We are debating whether to go next year when our son is 2 and I think we should wait until he is 3. Can someone please let me know! Thanks!!! :wave:
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    Aug 3, 2005
    They generally have to be 3. They have to be potty trained, as well. I think at times they will let 2 (almost 3) year olds join, but it is rare. We cruised Carnival with my 2 (almost 3) year old daughter last year. She was old enough by their standards to participate, but she much preferred being with mom and dad than going to Camp Carnival. She is a Disney fanatic, so I am hoping she will want to go the the kids club this year. Much as I love her, dad and I need some alone time. Good luck to you.

    Joanne :)
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    The rule is 3 years old and fully potty trained. However, they were willing to let our 2 1/2 year old participate if he was potty trained (he isn't). Otherwise, we had to stay with him which they don't mind. We spent several hours in the kids club with him (and our 5 year old son).

    There is also Flounders nursery, which is open most of the day, usually mornings and 6-10 at night or so. They also open when in port so that you can go on excursions. I believe the cost was $6.00 per hour. It was small, and very busy though nice and clean. They have a limited number of slots and you should book in advance, several times were booked when we looked into it.
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    Unless you get really lucky, there is not such thing as "FREE" child care.

    If you take a child that is 2yo, he gets on the ship virtually for free. But it cost money to place him in Flounders. But if you wait until he's old enough to stay in the kids' programs, you will pay $$$ to get him on the ship (something on the order of $500 or more for a 7-day cruise). You can buy a lot of Flounder's time with that $$$.

    Now there are a lucky few that bring an ALMOST 3yo on-board (pay almost nothing) and the child is already potty trained and mature enought to say in the kids programs. These people do get "FREE" child care.

    But now here's the flip side of that "FREE" child care. There are an UNlucky few that bring a 3yo on-board (pay $$$) but the child isn't potty trained and therefore can no stay in the children's programming without a parent.

    So add to that information the fact that (on average) boys usually don't get potty trained until something like 38 months (i.e. AFTER they are 3yo).

    My personal suggestion is that you either take him on the cruise when he's still less than 3yo so that he gets on for free, or you wait until he's closer to 4yo when he's more likely to be able to stay in the children's programs without you.

    (BTW, this advice is "free" and worth what you're pay for it, and it's also coming from someone who has taken a 1yo on a 4-day cruise and a 2.5yo on a 14-day cruise. It won't be until next year we see what it's like to have a 4yo on a 7-day cruise.)
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    Good synopsis and breakdown of cost!!!! Just like the soda isn't really "free"...you paid quite a bit to get that "free" soda onboard!!! LOL!!!

    We should all refer to the soda and food as "included in the price" of your cruise.


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